Don’t Let Setbacks Ruin Your Working Day

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So your hard at work, you’ve finally found a flow in what you’re doing, and the day just seems to be passing you by. This might seem like a fairytale that doesn’t happen to most of you, but on the rare occasions, a day will just go so smoothly. But, we need to get our head out of fairytale land, because for the majority of the time, setbacks are the biggest pain in the bum to have to try and deal with. When all you have is deadlines to meet, and a manager looming over your head, it can be easy to feel the pressure when things start to go wrong. But there’s no amount of setbacks out there that should ruin your day. Every single one of them should have an easy solution, and we’re about to show them to you today. To try and put an end to your bad working days, here are the biggest setbacks you might have, and how to knock them out the park.



When you really feel like you’re in the flow of things, there’s nothing worse than a bit of bad internet slowing you down. But there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it when it does happen, you just have to sit, angrily tapping your foot and hoping it comes back soon. If it lasts for a period of time, which it usually does, it can really disrupt the amount of work you’re able to get done in the day. If you’re in an office with a lot of people, then slow internet is bound to happen. One thing you can do is check the internet speed, and show your boss of the problems you’re having. If you have evidence that the internet is being super slow due to the upload and download speeds, you can easily go to your boss and try and get them to do something about it. It’s not uncommon for poor internet in the office!


People Problems

If you’re having a people problem at work, then it can really affect your mentality and your working day. In some cases, you wouldn’t believe the amount of gossiping and talking that goes against each other in an office, and it can give such an uncomfortable feeling and an awkward atmosphere to work in. Therefore, it really does mean that getting through the day is harder than it needs to be. So, if you feel like you’re having people problems, just go to your manager if it is nothing you can resolve. If it is slowing you down, or even making you not want to go into work, it’s definitely an issue for your manager to deal with.


Motivation Problems

We all have motivation problems, it’s pretty hard to escape them. It usually happens in the afternoon, when your eyes begin to close for no apparent reason. When this happens, you need to make sure you’re getting up and going for a quick five minute walk and a drink. It really will help to liven you up a bit, and you should find that you’re motivated for the rest of the afternoon!

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