Why You Might Need To Stay Longer In Kuala Lumpur

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Traveling the world or going on holiday with an open schedule is perhaps the best thing you’ll ever do. You don’t give yourself too strict a time limit, and this makes life all the more relaxing. For those that do have a thirst to quench when it comes to exploration, this is the ideal way to travel in the first place. Sometimes you visit places that seem like they have a lot to offer but then disappoint and some places that look mundane but turn out to be incredibly impressive. Kuala Lumpur is one of those hidden gems in East Asia as it has many things similar to the giants that are Singapore and Hong Kong. The city of the capital of Malaysia, inhabited by 1.6 million people is one of the most recognizable skylines around the world. The business and finances districts don’t use a white light in their commercial office buildings. They use a yellow hue so during the night the city is bathed in a sun-like shine. It’s known as one of the best cities for tourists but also, those that want a more important visit.

Giant standing twins

Whether you’re sailing into the city on a cruise ship or flying in, the first thing you will see are the Petronas Towers. These giant behemoths are standing a staggering 88 stories high. Both of the towers cost a combined $1.6 billion making the one of the most costly construction projects ever in the history of the world. The towers hold a joint 16th place in the tallest buildings of the world, reaching up to the skies at a brilliant 452 meters. These buildings are the headquarters of the world renowned performance oil company Petronas. They supply the Formula One world champions Mercedes with the best oil for their engines. Consequently they have won the championship four times in a row since 2014.

However there are other things in the buildings that you can do, such as visiting the shopping sections. They also have the observation floors where you can book tickets to share a meal with friends while overlooking the city at night. Since you are so high up, you may also observe the night sky without much interruption from light pollution making it a great place for romantic meals for couples as well.

Staying on to explore

Kuala Lumpur is one of those cities that keeps on expanding and improving. For that reason alone you may want to stay a little longer than first expected. This means that hotels are perhaps not the best financial choice for you. It could be better to check out a studio apartment for rent where you can make a base camp. If you’re traveling with friends this is the most perfect option you have as certain studio apartments allows for around 4 or 5 members to live comfortably. You can get an apartment that’s 540 square-feet for around $400 a month. Considering that you would only get half or a quarter of that in America for the same size, this is easily one of the best cost-effective options. You also have access to amenities so washing clothes and being close by to shops and restaurants is a great plus.

Eating away at you

As you can imagine, being a country that is exotic but also rich with coastal wildlife, you have a chance to be at one with the latter. There are many spas in the city that offer a special service to customers that would like to have a more relaxed evening. They have small pools of water where small fish can swim and roam. However they also like to eat away at you, in a good way of course. You simply sit down at the edge with your feet resting in the water. Fish will swim up to your feet and only eat the dead skin off your feet as well as other determinants such as scars and scabs that have healed. At first it tickles but then it begins to feel quite nice as you’re getting a foot scrub from so many tiny mouths. It’s perhaps the easiest and most efficient way to get a pedicure.

The city of the yellow hue, Kuala Lumpur offers so much to do when you’re here. You can explore the skyline and venture into the 452 meter high Petronas Towers for a meal and some observational spotting. You can rent a large apartment for you and your friends for a fraction of what you would pay in almost any other major city as well. Fish spas are common in East Asia and the capital of Malaysia has many to choose from.

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