Fun Valentine’s Day Recipes.

Valentine’s day has never been a favorite holiday of mine. Until my preemie princess was born on Valentine’s Day last year. My little miss will be ONE this year! Ugh I can’t believe it. (Her birth story will be uploaded soon). We do however love to eat! We love to make new recipes and try new foods. Here is a list of awesome Valentine’s Day recipes from some awesome bloggers.

Valentine’s Day Cherry Cream Cheese Dessert by White Sands and Cool Breezes

White Chocolate Strawberry Fudge by Our Piece of Earth

 White Chocolate Dove Cupcake Surprise by Our Piece of Earth

Rice Krispie Kisses by The Hustling Mama

Valentine’s Day Parfait by Amanda Seghetti 

These recipes are amazing. My kids loved the Rice Krispie Kisses and the fudge. Spice up your Valentine’s Day with these awesome recipes. 


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