Here’s Why You Should Never Ignore Unexplained Body Pain

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You might have noticed a weird or peculiar pain in your body. It could be constant, recurring or rare enough that you always forget about it completely. Though, when it does appear it might be severe enough to make you wonder: what on earth is causing that? It’s possible that you start to panic and think about the dreaded ‘c-word.’ To be honest, though the chances of a weird pain in your body being a sign of cancer are slim. But, there are other reasons why you shouldn’t ignore a pain that occurs without an understandable cause.


It Might Have A Lifestyle Cause

It is possible that something to do with your lifestyle is causing pain to develop somewhere in your body. For instance, you might have severe pain that occasionally bothers you for a few hours or even a few days in your upper limbs often around your wrist. If you go to a doctor, they will ask a key question:

How much time do you spend typing at a computer?

If you reply that you work at a computer for hours each day, they will quickly diagnose you with the beginning symptoms of RSI. RSI stands for repetitive strain injury and is caused by spending hours typing at a computer, often without breaks and with a poor posture. You can check out the video below for advice on the right way to sit to avoid this pain:



Do be aware that a failure to correct this issue can lead to the pain become more and more common until it reaches a stage where it’s permanent. In that situation, the only fix is a rather unpleasant surgery.

This certainly isn’t the only lifestyle issue that causes pain to develop. Pushing yourself too far through exercise can also lead to this issue developing.


It Could Be A Mistake

Have you had surgery recently? Some pain after surgery is common, as your surgeon will no doubt have told you. But it should not reach the point where it is severe enough to be unbearable or unmanageable. In a case like that, it would suggest that something has gone wrong. One common cause of pain after a surgery would be a surgeon leaving a tool inside you. While this sounds like science fiction, it has happened, and to learn more research malpractice lawsuits for some startling stories. You should always be wary of any unexplained pain after medical treatment.


It Could Be An Early Sign of Illness

Finally, while it is unlikely that pain in your body is a sign of a serious illness or medical condition, it can happen. That’s why if you notice any change to your body you should always get it checked out. Particularly, if that pain bothers you for more than two weeks. At the very least, a doctor will be able to perform some basic checks and put your mind at ease.

We hope this helps you see why you should never ignore pain in your body, even if you are sure it’s nothing serious.


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