4 Signs You’re Traveling All Wrong

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There is no right or wrong way to travel. You book a flight, board a plane, and explore the country on arrival. It’s probably the easiest thing you’ll ever do for the most part. Let’s face it – how can it go wrong? Travelers have to be terrible at it to end up in a sticky situation.

The reality is anybody can take a wrong turn, both metaphorically and literally. Regardless of your wealth of experience, it’s straightforward to do something which jeopardizes the trip. Having the best time ever is the aim, so mistakes need to be avoided.

To do that, take a look at the signs which might mean you’re doing it wrong.


You’re Lonely

At some point during travel, every person feels homesick and misses their former life. There is nothing wrong with a pang of loneliness every now and again. The problems start when you realize you’re detached from the rest of the hostel. People in your room and newcomers are drinking and socializing and you’re in a corner reading a book. There are two reasons: A) your personality, and B) not taking risks. Mixing with fellow travelers is about putting yourself out there while reigning in some of the thoughts in your mind.


You’re Broke

Not partying isn’t your issue; it’s the constant drinking which is starting to get in the way. Because you can’t turn down a party, the funds are running low. Indeed, some might say you’re flat broke and don’t have a pot to piss in. Having no money is a part of the traveling culture unless you can’t afford to pay for rent and food. The essentials are, well, essential which is why it’s time to cut back. Stock up on pasta, stay at the cheapest hostels and find a way to do the excursions without a guide. Then, you should be able to stay out longer (hopefully).


You’re Injured

And not just a little injury; this is a pretty big deal. It’s ominous enough to whisk you into a Southeast Asian hospital and ask for your insurance details. And dire enough to think about getting help with an injury from a lawyer. The compensation might pay for your medical bills when you get back home. Traveling is dangerous but there is no need to take undue risks. Hire motorcycles; buy a car: do it all but use your common sense. It’s incredible how many travelers get behind the wheel or handlebars without a license.


You’re Having A Bad Time

Some people don’t enjoy the lifestyle and would rather take long vacations by the beach. That’s fine because traveling isn’t for everybody. Still, taking a few months off to explore the world should be fun. You don’t have to go again, but the experience in the there and then needs to bring a smile to your face. Maybe it’s the country or the fact you’re carrying too much stuff, but generally, it’s a mentality thing. Go on – let go and immerse yourself in the experience.

Oh, and don’t quit. You never know when the opportunity will come around again.


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