Top 10 Newborn Essentials.

When I had my first son there were so many items I was told I needed. By the time I got to my third child I feel like I have a good idea of what I need and what I don’t. These are the items I use the most with my newest little one. 

Owlet Baby Monitor is a heart rate and oxygen monitoring sock. The baby wears it just like a sock and it interacts with an app on your mobile device that displays the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels in real time. After having a premature baby this gave me such peace of mind and allowed me to get some rest at night. Being a new parent is scary even if your baby is full term. 
Snuza Pico Monitor is a breathing rate monitoring system that clips to baby’s diaper. It also monitors temperature and what position baby is in(great for when babies begin to roll). It monitors baby’s breathing and connects to an app on the parents mobile device. I absolutely love it. It is less expensive than the owlet, but still gives amazing results. If the child for any reason stops breathing it will set off an alarm and also start vibrating in an attempt to stimulate the baby’s breathing until you can get to baby. I have this connected to my daughter every night. Plus it maintains a good charge and charges quickly.

You can read my review of the Snuza here

Ergobaby Carrier  is a great carrier. I love it because it has a newborn insert you can also purchase so you can start using it practically when baby is born (7+ pounds is their recommendation). Babies (especially those born prematurely) tend to love being close to their parent and carriers allow you to get housework done or to cook dinner without having to worry about a baby that wants to be held. My daughter absolutely loves being held and a carrier is basically the only way I can get anything done. 

Kinsa Digital Thermometer   is a wonderful tool for parents. I use this not only on my newborn, but also my older kiddos. I can connect to your mobile device via bluetooth to give doctor recommendations based on your child’s temperat
ure. It also has a tracking feature so you can review your child’s temperature over the course of their sickness. 




Rinse Tub and Shower Rinser has helped me with bath time. When my boys were little I didn’t think anything about babies getting stressed out due to something so simple as a bath, but when we were in the NICU with princess we learned all about stress responses from babies. She hated when she began to get cold so we were told investing in a “sprinkler” as they called it would be a good idea. I found ours on sale here.  Or if attaching one seems like too much work there are the infant tubs with a spray hose attached here.  

Medela Breast Pump  is my breast pump of choice and I have been through four different pumps throughout being a breastfeeding mom. I like Medela because it is the brand of hospital pumps and most hospitals give a small pump set that has tubing, flanges, bottles, collection containers, etc. All of those products being the Medela brand fit with the Medela brand pump. 

Infant Swing. When I can’t be carrying my sweet, but needy little princess I love to use her swing. Plus she loves it too (well sometimes). I like this swing because it has a battery option and an option to plug directly into the wall which saves my battery usage. 

Baby Friendly Detergent. All three of my kids have had extremely sensitive skin. And I can’t use certain diapers or body wash sensitive. My kiddos cant have regular detergent to wash their clothing so I use dreft. 

Saline Spray. All three of my children have been born in the winter and you know what winter is great for? Snow and stuffy noses( at least where we live). So I would use the saline spray and then suck their little noses out with a nasal aspirator. I always invest in a multi-pack of nasal aspirators because they are prone to hold bacteria. You can find the multi-pack I buy here.

Swaddle Blankets are a lifesaver. Every single child of mine has been what I call a “swaddle baby”. They love to be swaddled and need to be swaddled to sleep. That however can make for a challenge to find a swaddle blanket that is not only breathable, but also warm enough. I love muslin material swaddle blankets because each individual blanket has enough material for adequate swaddling and because they are a breathable fabric. 

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