Tips For Better Bladder Control

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This topic is more of an “oh-no” topic as I like to call them. It is a topic that not a lot of people want to discuss, but many have questions about. Not to fear lets dive in. Not being in control of one’s body is something that we fear and quite rightfully too. We only have one body and when we can no longer feel as if we’re in charge of it, we immediately have a volley of emotional disturbances. Firstly we begin to feel detached from our body, almost as if it’s not part of our mind and just a vessel in which we exist. Secondly, as a woman, it’s not so nice to not be in control of your private parts, as they have more of a deeper connection with you than your limbs. One of the things that we fear is not being in control of when we go to the toilet. Bladder control is an issue for many women who suffer from certain health conditions such as abdominal cramps, weak pelvic muscles, childbirth, and also anxiety. It’s not uncommon to go around the web searching for the best methods to help you in this regard. First off there’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s not going to help if you blame yourself. Involuntary actions are not something you should ever blame yourself for.

Eat when you drink

It’s a well-known fact that liquids we consume are better absorbed when we eat. We’ve all heard of the tip that if you eat while you drink alcohol, you stand less of a chance of getting drunk as quickly. This is because liquids we drink get absorbed into the food we eat and thus when they are being digested, the water is better absorbed into our bodies. Think of it this way, when you drink the liquid is on a fasttrack path to your liver, then kidneys and bladder. However if you put something in the way such as a meal, you’re more likely to absorb it and by hydrated better.

A load off your mind

One way you can certainly get a load off your mind is to consider fitting one of a selection of  Bard catheters. They are small, thin and made from medical grade material so they don’t hurt while inside your body. They are also smooth and narrow so they don’t feel as if they are obstructing your normal movement. What they do is essentially work as your bladder, by transferring waste to an outside bag. This bag can be emptied at any time and is strong enough to not be punctured easily. You also have an array of equipment to choose from that will help you in this endeavor. From medical gloves, to touchless kits that make it easy to swap the catheter out for a new one.

Strengthen your muscles

The bladder can be controlled or helped to be controlled by your pelvic wall muscles. Do the kegal exercises to help your muscles become stronger which will in turn help them to keep your body calm when it needs to go to the toilet but you’re not ready.

The way to bladder control is not easy. It’s one of those strange organs that are both involuntary and voluntary. You can help to control your bathroom visits by eating more when you drink or just timing it right.

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