The Essential Guide To Surviving The Winter Season

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Winter is that glorious time of the year when the snow begins to fall, evenings start drawing in earlier, and you can find yourself all snug and cozy in front of a roaring fire as the chill descends outside. I just love the winter! While it may sound idyllic, for some people, winter is accompanied by feeling low, developing all sorts of lurgies and a yearning for the warmer months to rear their head once again. If you find it a struggle to get through the cooler months without developing the winter blues, take a look at this essential guide that will arm you with strategies to help you survive the winter season.

Get Outside

While it may sound counterintuitive to find yourself outside when it might be freezing outdoors, this is vital to maintaining a positive mood. Natural light is the perfect way to regulate your body clock, promote an excellent sleep routine and to help the production and release of the happy hormone, dopamine. Even if you only venture outside for a quick fifteen-minute stroll every day, you will find yourself more alert, a little more content and more refreshed when you wake up in the morning.


If you are feeling particularly low and you are struggling to get up in the mornings, find the motivation to head out with pals or your thoughts are becoming more negative, it’s time to pick up the phone. Chat with a friend and let them know how you are feeling. A problem shared really is a problem halved. You never know, they may even validate your thoughts and tell you of a time when they have felt similarly low. By remaining open and talking to your nearest and dearest, you will be able to ward off the feelings of isolation and loneliness.


Viruses such as the common cold and flu are commonplace over winter. If you do find yourself getting a nasty bout of influenza, make sure you stock up on medicines and rest up. Don’t push yourself to do anything too taxing, stay warm, remain hydrated and eat light and often. Occasionally, the flu can lead to pneumonia or cause an asthma episode. If this is the case, get yourself down to an urgent care clinic and ensure that your health is remedied in the fastest time possible.


If you have a driveway, the chances are that you have slipped on it once or twice in the winter. This perilous part of your home needn’t be so dangerous if you were to pick up a small bin and salt grit to scatter across your slabs or brickwork. If a frosty night is predicted, put some grit salt down, and this will stop the slippery ice from forming and give you added traction and grip in the morning as your walk to your car.

Winter is a picturesque and beautiful season, if a little chilly. You should try to embrace it with open arms, not wish it away, and enjoy everything winter has to offer. Follow this guide and you should be able not just to survive but thrive this winter season.

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