Keeping The Sunday Dinner Tradition Alive

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Maybe for the modern world, a Sunday dinner just doesn’t make sense. Why do you have to gather with family and possibly friends to have a large dinner most Sundays? Why make the effort just for one day every now and then when you could just make it only for special occasions? *Disclaimer: we are not a religious family and Sunday dinners for us, are just about being together and reconnecting.* One thing for sure is though, it brings families together. Food can do wonders for building relationships, keeping the family close and also, passing on the tradition of cooking to your children. No matter how fast-paced life gets, Sunday dinners should slow things down and remind people of the simple pleasures in life. We are on a mission to keep Sunday dinners alive. 


Deep Pot Soups.

My family LOVES soup. Especially in the snowy winter months. Soups are a great way to start off a dinner. For the most part, they’re light, mostly water, packed full of flavor, and healthy. It warms up the stomach of your family and guests but also leaves plenty of room for more. Try out this mushroom soup using a deep clay pot. Rather than metal, clay should be used for soups as it’s more suited to medium heat slow cooking. Mushrooms are packed full of flavor, but water also. If you used a metal pot, the heat would not only singe the mushrooms but evaporate that water which is full of the mushroom’s delicious juices. This soup is packed full of vitamins, herbs and healthy fats like cream and nuts.




Food shouldn’t be the only thing that is loved during the dinner. The art of conversation should be on full display. In our family, we talk. A lot. If you have a family with young children, in between or during each dish you can ask them about their day and how their school life is going. It is nice to reconnect with each other after a long week.  When you’re comfortable, surrounded by people that love you and eating great food, you tend to open up more and let someone into your private life. Ask the children about their love life if you want to, or what their ambitions are for the year. The important thing is, you talk to each other and forget for a minute that you’re their parent; treat them like a friend. Plus, keeps say the funniest things which keeps ourt family greatly entertained. 


A Beautiful Roast.

It just wouldn’t be a Sunday dinner without a roast. For this, you do need a specific deep and thick roasting pan such as the one over at Copper Chef Cookware. This is a multilayered thick wall and base, roasting pan. It has high walls so you can put the pork, beef, or lamb onto a layer of vegetables if you wish. It conducts heat much better than it’s iron contemporaries and it’s cheaper also. It can replace any of your current iron, steel or composite roasting pans as not only is it easier to clean but it will last much longer. A shoulder of lamb, a juicy rump of pork or a tenderloin would do superbly. As long as you are eating great food together! 


We as parents are on a mission to reignite the love of the Sunday dinner and show our children that getting together, surrounded by family and eating wholesome home-cooked meals are priceless moments. In the hope that they pass this tradition onto their children in the future. ♥

Do you do a family dinner? If so what is your favorite part? 


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