Great Summer Festivals You Have To Celebrate

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Summer is a time of year that we love to celebrate. We celebrate by having a barbecue with our friends, we celebrate birthdays out and about, and we celebrate national holidays by having street parties and putting on fairs as a community.

Summer truly is a time for getting outside and celebrating with a class of vintage champagne from Oddbins, and there are even more things to celebrate than you might have thought! We have a hunger inside of us to travel and see as many awesome locations as we can. In the process of researching new locations and exciting happenings, we came across these summer festivals.


Balloon Fiesta

In Albuquerque New Mexico there is an annual balloon fiesta every October. It is a nine-day long event and houses over 500 hot air balloons. There are night and day glow shows and tons of family friends activities. We recently went to the Balloon Fiesta Museum, watch our youtube video about it by clicking here(skip to 6:30).


White Nights Festival

The white nights festivals happen each year around May and June, and it is something which is seen in northern cities as a phenomenon where the sun doesn’t fall below the horizon. The cities don’t go completely dark for a period of time and during this time, festivities and parties are held to celebrate the light and sunshine. It’s a wonderful sight and a rather surreal one which you can enjoy watching this year in a city such as St. Petersburg.


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Exit Festival

If you love music, you can travel to Serbia for the EXIT Festival and enjoy a range of different genres which are all celebrated during this time. This music festival is one of the biggest and best in the world and it features music a from pop, rock, alternative, dance and more all under one space. You will be able to celebrate in style with this festival as you listen to incredible music on the banks of the Danube.


Boryeong Mud Festival

A festival for mud? Why not! If you and your family loved playing in the mud when you were younger, this could be an adult dream come true for you to do this summer. Mud is taken from the flats and laid down on the beach in the morning, and there are a variety of mud baths, mudslides, mud pits and play areas made out of it ready for the public to enjoy. You can head down to the beach and basically get as muddy as you physically can. There will be music playing to entertain you all the while so you will have a great time!

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La Tomatina

This Spanish festival is one which you have likely heard of or seen before, and it is renowned all over the world. At the end of August, La Tomatina will bring people from all over onto the streets armed with massive tomatoes. Suddenly the first tomato will be thrown and you will become part of a huge street fight which takes over the whole city and beyond! It is a unique festival but it is one which you definitely want to go and experience because it is a hell of a lot of fun!


During the month of October, one of the biggest festivals in India takes place. Diwali is the Festival of Lights in India and it is a huge festival which symbolizes how good wins over evil amongst other things. You will see a huge range of candles in Home, lanterns hung in the streets and bursting crackers being let off. There are displays, parties and lots of fun as people celebrate light and life.

What festivals are on your travel bucket list?

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