Beyond The Blog: 5 Different Ways To Promote Your Content

One of my first mistakes was assuming people were going to stumble upon my blog by accident. Promoting your content outside of your blog can help to attract new readers and keep old readers coming back. Here are just 5 ways to market your blog.

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Set up a Twitter account for your blog

Twitter is the perfect platform for attracting new readers as it allows you to easily connect with the world. Every time you publish a new blog post, tweet a link to it. Using hashtags and buzzwords and help your tweet to be seen by more people, which then could lead to more readers. You can add a button on your blog homepage that allows visitors to easily follow you on Twitter. It’s also possible to use an automation plug-in such as this one that automatically tweets a link to every new post you publish.  


Start a Facebook page

Facebook is another great platform for promoting your content. You can similarly post links to any new blog content, plus you can promote posts to help them get seen by more people. As with Twitter, you can add a Facebook plug-in that allows people to easily like your Facebook page, plus you can similarly automate content to automatically be posted on Facebook once it’s published. One added bonus of Facebook is the option of also adding Facebook comments to your blog posts so that readers can comment on your posts using their Facebook account.


Use other forms of social media

Twitter and Facebook just so happen to be the biggest social media platforms, but you can also use other platforms to share your content. Pinterest is where I get the majority of my traffic.  Reddit meanwhile is a forum based social media site that could be great for getting feedback. You can also sign up with Google Plus allow people with a Google account to comment (plus it can boost your rankings on Google – more of which will be covered in a moment…)

Send blog updates via email

Many blog owners set up mailing lists that allow readers to be updated via email whenever new content is published. This is great for encouraging return readers – you can place a pop-up on your homepage that asks visitors whether they’d like to sign up. You can try these newsletter email templates to help you create professional looking emails and you can schedule these emails to go out at certain times. Just make sure that you’re not spamming people unnecessarily with emails as readers may quickly unsubscribe.


Improve your search engine rankings

A lot of new readers may also come across you via search engines. Improving your blog’s rankings can help you to attract more readers. You can do this by adding keywords into blog posts and by encouraging people to share links to your content. You could even invest in an SEO company to help boost your rankings.


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