Postpartum must-haves.


Having a baby is such a fun and exciting thing, especially if it is your first baby. Although, having a baby is a bit like being thrown to the wolves. You have given birth and you are loving on your precious baby, now what? What do you need personally once you have transitioned from pregnancy to motherhood. Here are the top 10 mommy must haves for postpartum recovery.

1. Huge ugly underwear.
Okay, they do not need to be ugly, but you will want to invest in some large comfortable panties. You can buy them in a pack and save some money.

2. Large pads.
After you have a baby you will bleed. A LOT. Pads are essential because you can not use tampons for at least 6 weeks.

3. Tucks pads.
These were amazingly soothing on swollen lady parts.

4. Numbing spray.
I had this spray with two of my three kids and I wish I would have had it with all three. It helped my healing process so much.

5. Peri-bottle.
My local hospital provided this and it was a life saver. After pushing out a baby the last thing I wanted to do was wipe that area. With the peri bottle you just fill with lukewarm water spray the area and pat dry. I also found it soothing on the area that tore.

6. Comfortable pants.
After having a baby you don’t want to wear jeans out of the hospital. I bought some super soft cozy night pants. (That didn’t look like night pants).

7. Nursing Bra.
After you have a baby and if you plan on nursing, you should invest in a nursing bra. I made the mistake to buy one before delivery and it didn’t fit the same after the birth. So make sure it will fit you once your milk comes in.

8. Lanolin.
If you are planning to breastfeed, lanolin is a great product to have. Sore, cracked nipples are extremely common the first few days of breastfeeding. Mine even bled. Lanolin made breastfeeding possible.

9. High protein meals.
Making sure your body has plenty of healthy fats and calories for recovery and healing is essential. One thing I recommend is making freezer meals a few weeks before your due date. Cooking dinner was the last thing on my mind with a new baby.

10. Rest.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you need a few hours to sleep ask a relative you trust to snuggle your baby for awhile. They will love it and you can recover. It is easier said than done, but you need to make sure you are still making time to take care of yourself. If someone offers to vacuum for you or to make dinner accept their help.

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