Be Your Child’s Advocate: Don’t Give Up On The Right Diagnosis

No one can deny that we live in a privileged age. When it comes to medicine, we have the upper hand over any other generation. New cures and breakthroughs happen every day. Even previously incurable diseases are fast losing their power. What’s more, we’re in all in the privileged position of having family practitioners. They know our histories and can get us the medical care we need when we need it.Design your own Disney kits
But, despite these benefits, it’s STILL not always possible to get a diagnosis. And, as parents, that can be a real worry. Stories emerge every day of kids who’ve waited years to gain a satisfactory diagnosis. My daughter, for instance, it took us several doctors in multiple counties to figure out why she was throwing up. Increases in medical malpractice suits also point the finger at doctors who miss medical issues. And, whether you believe in the blame game or not, this can cause concern for any parent.

When you have kids, you know them better than you know yourself. You spend hours watching them, and even something as simple as a usually peaceful baby not sleeping through the night could be enough to show you things aren’t right. Sadly, your doctor doesn’t know your child the way you do. As a result, it isn’t unusual for them to brush issues like these under the carpet. Aside from being distressing, this can put your child’s life at risk. As such, if you’re struggling to get the diagnosis you know your child needs, it’s worth taking the following action.
Insist on tests

In an ideal world, your doctor will order tests on any ongoing issues your little one faces. But, if your GP keeps brushing concerns aside, know that you’re within your rights to ask for tests. This is especially the case if there’s been no improvement in your child’s health for a while. Simple things like blood tests or even allergy testing can at least help to eliminate problems and get your little one on the right path towards a cure. We had to fight so hard for tests and that shouldn’t be the case. 

Seek professional help elsewhere

Take comfort in the fact that it’s also in your power to seek help elsewhere. While we like to think our doctors will refer us as necessary, you aren’t powerless if this doesn’t happen. Centers like Denton Combs work to diagnose health conditions your doctor might miss. You can visit their office, or research similar centers according to your concerns. Then, rather than waiting for your doctor, you can take charge and direct a diagnosis your way. We had to seek separate opinions when we were told: “everything is fine”. 

Don’t give up until you have an answer

Last but not least, make sure you don’t give up until you have an answer. You know when something isn’t right with your little one, irrelevant of what your doctor tells you. And, sometimes, persistence is the best option in situations like these. We had several appointments and a hospital stay until we realized our daughter’s issues were allergy related. (Read her story by clicking here.)Keep booking appointments until your doctor has no choice but to listen to your concerns. If one specialist can’t reach a conclusion, speak to another. In short; keep pushing until you receive a diagnosis which fits the symptoms you spot. It’s your job to be your children’s advocate.Your child’s life depends on it.



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