Pagosa Springs: Mineral Hot Springs Soaking

This post is NOT sponsored by Pagosa Springs or The Springs Resort and Spa. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Guys, we did a thing. For the first time EVER, Tyler and I went on a “vacation”. I use the quotation because we only went for a day, but it was AMAZING! We were able to soak our bodies in the geothermal waters, drink some delicious adult beverages, and be a couple not just ‘mom’ and ‘dad’.

pagosa hot springs

It took us about an hour or so to get to The Springs Resort and Spa. We enjoyed the scenery and boy are there a lot of deer. Like hundreds (and im not exaggerating this time!). I had only ever been to the springs once as a teenager so it was definitely overdue. This was Tyler’s first trip out there and he loved it.

What is a hot spring?

A hot spring is a spring produced by the exposure of geothermally heated groundwater that rises from the Earth’s crust. While some of these springs contain water that is a safe temperature for bathing (like Pagosa Springs Resort) others are too hot and can not only injure you but also kill you. Always use caution when planning a trip to the hot springs.

History of Pagosa Springs.

Pagosa means “healing waters” to the Ute Indians that found the geothermal hot springs. At over 1002 feet deep, the Mother Spring aquifer has been Guinness World Record Certified as, “The World’s Deepest.” The mineral-rich waters from that very spring fill the baths of the three hot spring locations in Pagosa Springs Colorado. Pagosa Springs is a very popular tourist town for many people looking to improve their health and relaxation using the waters mineral properties.

How hot are the springs?

pagosa springs

To be honest it varies, and not just on one factor. The time of day, wind, snow, and crowds can all affect the temperature of each individual hot spring pool. At The Springs Resort and Spa, they check the temperatures of each pool every few hours and update the temp on the pool itself and also the “pool board” as I called it. I would say the pools (23 total) are between 89 degrees and 115 degrees. The most comfortable for me was about 101 degrees. They also do not add any extra or additional chemicals to the pools. There is an inlet of water and also an outflow constantly that keep the springs freshly rotated.

The relaxation terrace.

This area was absolutely worth the extra money. There are five private adult only pools with waterfalls and a firepit. We enjoyed this area tremendously. Since we were without children on this trip, it was nice to relax in the adults-only area and enjoy a pina colada! With the relaxation terrace package, we also got a robe, locker, and re-entry for free (usually $14 each time). We were pleasantly surprised by the whole are and although rather smaller than I had imagined, I did not feel like this area was too small. There also weren’t many people in the relaxation terrace all day so I imagine it can feel way more cramped with an influx in people.

Food and Drinks.

pagosa springs

We ordered drinks throughout the day and also pizza at lunchtime. There wasn’t a lot of lunch options to choose from, but we weren’t really focused on eating. I recommend trying their pina colada and their strawberry bomb daiquiri, but make them doubles. They were pretty weak. Or I have a high alcohol tolerance. Either one. Haha. For food, if you get re-entry, I recommend going somewhere in Pagosa to eat.

Again? With kids?

Pagosa Springs

There were a lot more children than I imagined there would be. We would definetly go again and take our children. I think they would have a blast, especially in the large pool area. Just remember to keep a close eye because there are many entrances into the river itself. We had a blast and it was a great mini-vacay!

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