Ocean Theme Preschool.

So this past week was our ocean theme! With a two year old and a four year old this can be a challenge, but it sure is fun! I try not to overdo it with strict learning activities, but we incorporate learning into fun activities. Here is our break down of Ocean Theme!



  • Pipe cleaner fishing. Super easy to make and the kids had a blast. Turn several pipe cleaners into fish. Make a “fishing pole” and let the kids go to town. 



  • I drew a letter O on a piece of plain paper and placed that paper into a sheet protector. I then let the kids make an “O” with playdough. 

  • Live Diver on explore.org. We absolutely love this website. 

  • I use this website here to make name practice worksheets for my four year old. 

  • Magic school bus is on Netflix. Season 1 Episode 4 is about an Ocean Field Trip.

  • We bought an octopus sprinkler to play in. Also, water balloons. We found this cool contraption that makes 100 water balloons in 60 seconds and also ties them all. Totally worth it. You can find a link here.   


  • I found the idea for a puffer fish fork painting here. The boys loved this activity. 

  • High vs. Low worksheet. I found a ton of preschool worksheets at our local dollar tree. I rip the pages out I want the kids to use, place them in a sheet protector and let them use a dry erase marker to complete the worksheet. 

  • PBS Kids is one of our favorite television networks. They watched a show called “Splash and Bubbles”. 

  • Sharks live on explore.org

  • The Rainbow Fish book. 



  • We used colored computer paper and a few pieces of yarn for this craft. 

  • Whales live explore.org

  • Left and Right Worksheet with their dry erase markers. 

  • Number 5 worksheet. 

  • Book: Secrets of the Seashore. It is an awesome “Shine-A-Light Book”. 




  • Lake day! 



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