The Mom’s Guide To Blogging For Profit (It Can Be Done!)

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It’s the dream for so many of us moms, isn’t it? Working from home blogging, so we get to see the kids grow up and be there for all their significant milestones, like learning to walk and talk. Of course, there is a massive gap between the numbers of people dreaming about this lifestyle the amount going out and creating it for themselves. However, if you want to be in the latter group then check out my guide below. I have turned a blog into a business after one year and it keeps growing! Start your own money making blog by clicking here

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Post new content often

Blogs are like plants if you don’t nurture them they won’t grow, and the best way to care for your blog is to upload new and exciting content as often as possible. For some bloggers this may be once a day, while others do well we a few posts a week, it all depends on what your schedule is like and what you readership responds best to.



Of course, it can hurt to have a little extra motivation when it’s time to sit down a create your posts, after all with a family to look after, sometimes blogging can be the furthest thing from your mind.

I find simple motivational phrases or statement can work well, like, “Go get ‘em,” or “Great things never come from comfort zones,” displayed somewhere where you will get to see them often. Places like on your laptop wallpaper, or on the fridge door can work well, and you can even get phone cases like the ones from with cool designs and message on the back like “Girl boss” to remind you that you’re in charge! Which is something we can often need when the kids are, and the house is in chaos!


Offer some free stuff

Next, if you are looking to make money from your blog, then you need to offer free stuff. OK, I know that this sounds counterproductive, but bear with me, because it does work.

The idea with freebies like the ones discussed at sites like that they tempt new readers in and get people to sign up to your mailing lists. After all, by providing something of value to your readers that costs them nothing in a financial sense, you are immediately building a positive relationship full of trust.

This positive relationship will then encourage them to keep following your blog. Something that is pretty important as the amount of money you can make from hosting posts and even affiliate marketing is often directly linked to the number of followers you have.

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Be kind to yourself when you miss posting for a while  

Last, of all, you are a mum, you have a busy life. Therefore sometimes you will inevitably miss a post, or not be online as much as you would like. I hit that point at six months in. I was tired and wasn’t seeing results. I took a few months off and considered quitting the blog altogether (I’m so glad I stuck with it). Coming back with a clear head unmistakably helped me notice the subtle changes I made, that made my blog start earning me an income. 



What is vital to remember here is that by beating yourself up and making it into a whole, big, negative thing you are much less likely to get back on and get going again.  

In fact, if you can acknowledge your misstep and let it go, you get rid of a lot of the guilt that stops you from blogging. Something that is crucial as your posts are a vital tool in monetizing your blog.


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