Are You Trying To Shed A Few Pounds Before Christmas?

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If you are trying to shed a few pounds before Christmas, here are a few easy tips to follow…

  1.     Enjoy small and infrequent portions of junk food

To deal with the cravings of junk food people attempting to lose weight can enjoy small portions of junk food now and again as a reward for every milestone achieved. For example, you may decide to reward yourself with a small piece of junk food after hitting a certain weight or improving your cardio to a particular level. A little portion of junk food now and again will do more good than harm because it ensures you don’t stray off your weight loss plan.

  1.     Keep your sweet tooth under control

It is very important to replace deserts and sweets with healthy alternatives. Cravings for sweet food can easily be quenched by taking portions of sweet vegetables and fruits which are considered much healthier than deserts and cakes.


  1.     Keep off drinks with high-calorie value

People hoping to reduce their weight must be careful regarding the kind of drinks they consume. Alcohol, fizzy drinks, and sweetened coffee are among the drinks that should be avoided. Diabetes and alcohol are also closely linked, which is another compelling reason to lower your consumption. These drinks can be replaced with water or squash. Fruit juice is more nutritious yet needs to be consumed in moderation. Nevertheless, it does have the benefit of serving to eradicate the craving for bad sugars, because it supplies the body with healthy sugars.


  1.     Substitute solid foods for liquid foods

Nutritionists have confirmed that liquid foods do not take as long to be digested compared to solid foods. Fat is the most difficult to digest out of them all. So next time you go for a bacon sandwich, enjoy some lentil and bacon soup instead.


  1.     Stay off the obvious

Use your brain. People who are dieting should avoid pizza, cakes, muffins, cookies, and biscuits, and so on and so forth. There are healthier alternatives, such as cereal bars and crackers with low fat spread.


  1.     Consume at least two liters of water per day

It is recommended that those who are dieting consume at least two liters of water per day. Water intake is important for weight loss; it helps subdue the feelings of hunger while at the same time keeps the body hydrated. Its consumption is also pivotal when exercising.

If you follow these easy tips, then you will have the basis for a balanced and healthy diet. Don’t be sucked in by the quick weight loss diets advertised on television saying you can lose ‘8 pounds in a week’. Not only is this unhealthy, but you are merely losing water, meaning you will soon put all the weight back on. If you make healthy decisions and use the tips in this blog post, then you will lose weight and you will keep it off in the long term too.


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