Looking Your Best On a Winter Getaway Vacation

Yes, fall and winter are awesome, there’s all those spiced lattes, scarves, dark nights, and so on and so forth. Can we drop it now? We all know that the cold weather gets old pretty fast. We’ll enjoy it for the first two weeks, but then we’ll be counting down the days until the return of spring. Don’t deny it! But maybe we don’t need to wait that long to get our fix of sunshine and Vitamin D. A winter getaway is a perfect opportunity to banish those winter blues. But how do we look our best when we’re thrust back into the sunlight, after so long in the darkness? We take a look below.


Beach Ready

We thought the opportunities to show some skin had passed once Labor Day was over, but now it’s come back – the question is, are we ready for it? If you’ve been hitting up your favorite takeout joints because you thought you had months before you had to think about being in shape, then it’s time to put that fork down. It doesn’t take long to get back into shape, providing your committed; it can happen in a matter of weeks. Make sure you’re committed, and you’ll be flaunting your skin proudly.


New Looks

Your summer clothes got plenty of airtime during the past few months, and they might not be looking as fresh as they did when you first bought them. Now that you’re going away, you’ll be able to treat yourself to some new clothes. Visit www.fillyflair.com, stock up on a couple of new dresses, skirts, and tops. When you’re drinking cocktails by the pool, you’ll have no doubts that you’re looking as glamorous as can be.


Chilly Nights

When we’re escaping the chilly northern hemisphere and heading for warmer climates, we sometimes make the mistake of thinking that, well, it’s going to be so much hotter than it is at home that it’s warm weather clothes all the way. Not so! Even in the summer, we need to have a few extra layers handy for after the sun goes down. So make sure you’re packing some clothes, if for no other reason than sitting there freezing is not a strong look.


Beauty Sleep

It can feel like we’ve been left off the chain when we go away during the winter, as if we’re escaped hibernation, and are free to do what we want. This is true, but before you go too big every night, remember that you can’t have everything in life. If you’re spending too many nights without getting enough sleep, then you’re going to quickly look (and feel) worse for wear, especially if it has been a while since you’ve been partying. While you should enjoy yourself, do so sensibly! Also, remember to take care of your skin by drinking plenty of water, applying lotion, and avoiding sunlight.  It’ll only betray you if you don’t, and you want to look good for those snaps for Instagram and Facebook!

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