Looking After Yourself When You’re Run Down

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There are times in life when we can overwork ourselves a little too often, and it ends up running our body into the ground. It makes us ill and more susceptible to the common cold or flu, especially during the colder months. So how can you look after yourself when you’re run down?

Get Lots Of Rest.

When you’re ill, your body needs to repair itself, and it’s not going to do that if you’re up and around, trying to go about your daily routine. It’s time to slip on the pyjamas full-time and get yourself curled in bed. Listen to your body and rest in bed until you can’t rest no more. Dose yourself up on medicine, which you can read more about if you’re unsure on what to take, depending on your symptoms.

Learn To Say No.

Feeling run-down and then agreeing to take on even more work is probably not the smartest choice, so it’s important you learn to say no to people when you’re not feeling yourself. It can sometimes leave you feeling under pressure, especially when you’ve started a new job or have gotten a promotion. It’s easy to say yes for fear of not impressing. But only you know what you can handle so don’t be afraid, to be honest.

No Alcohol, Just Water.

Alcohol should be avoided when you feel ill, although it’s unlikely you’ll feel like having any anyway. Keep away from it because it may temporarily take away the feeling of being ill but it’ll hit you twice as hard the next morning. Drinking water has so many benefits of which flushing out toxins and hydrating your body are two of them.

You want to drink 1.5 liters of water a day but more if you’re exercising or if you’re ill.

Eat Healthily.

Sometimes the food we eat can impact the way our body feels. Certain foods can make us sluggish while others can give us tons of energy. It’s time to eat healthy when you don’t feel yourself. Stick to fresh fruit and vegetables and soup is great for when you’ve got a cold. Get plenty of protein and iron into your body as well as sources of Vitamin D.

Eating healthy will maintain good health so that even if you’re working hard, the good food in your stomach will help combat the body from running low. Make sure you eat your three meals a day and have the occasional (healthy) snack in between.

Take Hot Baths With Epsom Salt.

Epsom salt has become increasingly popular, particularly with those who have intense workouts and looking to heal and soothe tired muscles. The same can be said if you’re feeling run down, there’s nothing like a hot soak in the bath to make you feel better. Try and incorporate bath time each week because it’s a way of sitting down, doing nothing and just relaxing. It’s great for both the body and the mind.

Relax Your Mind With Meditation Or Yoga.

These are two really great ways of configuring your body and mind back to its usual state of calm. There are plenty of benefits from doing meditation or yoga which are:

-Yoga increases your energy and can help reduce stress.

-Yoga helps practice breathing techniques, flexibility, strength and posture.

-Meditation controls any anxiety and promotes emotional health.

-Meditation enhances self-awareness and attention span.

When you’re run down, it might not just be from physically working but from your mental state of mind, struggling to keep up. Your mental health is just as important, so make sure you care for it.

Meet Up With Friends.

If you’re constantly working and there’s little time to see friends, this can often have an impact on friendship. There are plenty of things you can do that won’t be too much effort but will give you that valuable time you need for social connection. A few examples are:

-A trip to the cinema.

-A spa day out.

-Dinner at home, followed by a movie night.

-A day out in the park if the weather’s nice.

-Pamper night in, with a takeout.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help.

No one should be afraid to ask for help. Whether that’s helping with the workload or your daily routine at home. None of us are superheroes, and even the best can get overwhelmed so when you need help ask for it. Sometimes it’s nice to feel like you have someone to lean on when things get tough.

It doesn’t have to be a family or friend either. Talking to a stranger can also help, whether that’s talking over the phone or speaking to a counslor. Discussing your feels is good for your mental health.

Rearrange The Diary.

If you’re stressed out and run-down now, is it going to help to have a jam-packed diary over the following few weeks? No! Do your best to rearrange the diary and cut out anything that can wait until your body recovers. Some people will keep pushing through but think of what it’ll do to the body if you never let it repair itself?

Set Mini Goals.

If you don’t have the time available to fully rest, break down your work into mini goals and get regular breaks. That way you won’t be chasing your tail at work, but you’ll be completing it in a healthier way. It’s recommended that if you work at a desk, in front of a computer, then you should be getting a fifteen minute break every two hours. This is good for you to move around, stretch your muscles and give your eyes a rest for a brief moment.

It’s really important to look after yourself when you’re run down. Nothing is more important than your health, and that includes your job. Take the time you need and listen to your body because only you know it best. Learn to say no so that you can have a little more me time in your life.

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