Learning Colors with Magazines

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My children learned their colors early. To be honest it was one of the “first” things they learned. I am also not quite sure how I taught them. Maybe it was all the nature walks we went on or all the times I would say “look at this pretty red…”. We then branched our learning to other, more challenging topics, such as the alphabet. To keep them from getting discouraged about learning, I give them an easy task I know they can complete in between harder tasks that push their comfort zone. 

This week in-between doing Reading Eggs (an online learning program my kid’s LOVE), I let them do a color activity. I cut out several old magazines I had lying around and separated colors. I then proceeded to let them pick a color they wanted and let them glue their color-coordinated items onto a sheet of paper. It was an easy and fun task that didn’t take long at all to prepare for.


  1. Collect old magazines. If you don’t have any ask some family members or check out a local thrift store.

  2. Cut out random things that are different colors. I.e. a blue cupcake or a red flower, etc.

  3. Separate the colors into zip-lock bags.

  4. Ask your child what color they would like to glue to a sheet of paper.

  5. Watch (and help if needed) them create a masterpiece.

I also gave my kiddos some colored star stickers. This was such a fun activity. Enjoy! 

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