5 Signs That Prove Your Kids Are Growing Up

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Whether your angelic baby is turning into a tantrum filled toddler or your cute little kid is transforming into a sassy teenager, every mom understands the struggle of watching your little one grow up. Your kids are starting to voice their opinions and gain their independence, which leaves you feeling a little lost and unwanted sometimes. As long as you know how to deal with your aging adolescents you will always be able to maintain a positive, strong relationship with them. If you haven’t quite noticed these changes yet, here are five signs that will prove your kids are starting to grow up.


  1. You’re Planning Milestone Birthdays

As soon as you start planning those big birthdays you know that your little one is now growing into a young adult. First they turn one, then they turn five, then before you know it they are turning sixteen, begging for a car and trying to plan the party of their dreams. When you tried to plan your sweet 16 it wasn’t even a big deal, but nowadays kids want to go all out with a sensational celebration with all of their friends. It’s fun to host a party for them to celebrate such a big milestone, so enjoy the moment and reflect on all of the happy memories you have together.


  1. They Are Fiercely Independent

Your kid doesn’t need to hold your hand as they cross the street anymore, nor do they want you to take them to the movies anymore. They want to go everywhere on their own or with their friends; their independence is now more apparent than ever.

  1. They Have Opinions on Everything

Your teenager is probably going through crazy mood swings right now; they have opinions about everything and anything. From the clothes they wear to the music they listen to, they are always very sure of what their likes and dislikes are now.


  1. You Struggle to Spend Time with Them

Your little one used to love giving their mommy cuddles, but now they’re more interesting in playing with their friends or going out to parties. You are always vying for more time with your precious little angel, but it seems their priorities have now switched.


  1. They Are Showing Maturity

You grow prouder and prouder of your child every day, especially when they start to make decisions that really show their maturity. Whether they’re caring for their siblings or making good choices at school, you know they are growing up when they start showing signs of maturity.

Watching your little ones grow up can make you feel pretty emotional as their mom. You have always been by their side to guide them through every step of their life so far. It hurts you to know that one day they won’t need to rely on you as much. For now, just enjoy every precious moment you have with your little ones, because before you know it they will be set free into the world and ready to stand on their own two feet.

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