Keeping The Kids Entertained At The Beach

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My kids love the beach. Don’t all kids?  A bucket and shovel might keep them occupied for twenty minutes tops while you get to relax and read a book, but you’ll need to plan a few more activities if you want to keep your kids truly entertained. Here are just a few different family activities for making sure your kids have the best beach break possible.


Play beach games.

There are a multitude of games that you can play on the beach. Bring a beach ball, and you can try playing some volleyball. Alternatively, you could race each other up the beach with a bucket of water and see who can spill the least amount of water. Frisbees, hula hoops and mini golf clubs could be a few more toys worth taking along.

Go snorkeling.

For making swimming in the sea more fun, why not bring some snorkeling gear? You could try and encourage them to spot as many different fish as they can or try and find the best stone or shell. You may even be able to book a snorkeling excursion if you’re visiting popular diving areas – there are many snorkel trips that allow you to take kids.


Go surfing.

This one we are saving for several more years. But, another activity to try could be surfing. Consider renting a body board and try and see who can ride the waves the longest. You may even be able to sign up your kids to surf school. There are many other water sports to try out such as kayaking, paddleboarding, and paragliding that could be an option for older kids. Look out for family offers and group deals that allow you to try multiple activities.


We have been fishing with our little kids since the oldest was about 3. My oldest didn’t have the patience until he was a few years older. In certain seaside areas, you may also be able to give fishing a go. If you don’t think your kids have the persistence to sit there with a rod, you could try sea fishing with a line or go fishing in the rock pools for crabs (all you’ll need is a net and bucket for this last one).

Explore caves.

If you’re lucky enough to have caves in the area, exploring these could be a fun experience for kids. You may want to accompany your kids as many caves can be slippery and some may be dangerous if the tide comes in. You would be surprised how many areas have caves that love to be explored. 

New Mexico’s version of a beach.

Go on a treasure hunt.

Another fun activity to keep kids occupied could be to bury some treasure and get your kids to hunt for it. Try to find an empty strip of beach for this so that no-one else finds the treasure. You can also drop hints to try and help them find the treasure.


Look out for coastal attractions.

Coastal resorts often have plenty of nearby attractions to try out. There could be piers with amusements and rides on or there could be a water park. Alternatively, there could be aquarium for getting up close with the local marine life. Book a couple of these attractions to help add to the beach trip.

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