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I know I have several posts like this one, but these are some more additional tips. You can check out how to start a money making blog here. What started out as a hobby for many(including myself) is now an excellent way to earn money from home. Blogging has really taken off in the past few years, and if you already have an established blog then it would be foolish to not try to take it to the next level. Chances are you’ll have already had some paid work over the years from advertisers and sponsors, but what can you do to make this a more regular thing? Here are some ideas.


Boost your domain authority

Domain authority (DA) is a metric which measures (you guessed it!) how much authority your domain has on the web. This is the most important thing to advertisers, they want blogs with good domain authorities to work with and many will rule out those below a certain number. First things first, you need to buy a domain and link this to your blog. You can’t build DA without a domain, your regular WordPress or blogger link won’t count- which is why lots of advertisers will only work with those who have their own domain. Some of the ways you can improve your DA is by guest posting on other good quality blogs, it’s the backlink that will boost your score. You could look into link swapping options with other bloggers too, which is quicker than creating lots of new content for other sites. Make sure any broken links are removed from your blog, you can do this using a broken link checker. Lots of broken and missing links will reduce your domain authority. You’ll generally find that if you keep putting out good content that people are naturally linking back to then your score will go up. It can take time though, so don’t expect to start earning money right away.

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Improve its appearance

The internet is saturated with blogs, and so when advertisers are looking to work with bloggers on paid opportunities, they have their pick of who they’d like. Once they’ve established that your domain authority is high enough for them, the next thing they’ll look at is design. A blog that looks smart and professional is always going to be more tempting to work with than one that looks sloppy and amateur- even with similar DA scores. You can find stunning, responsive and professional looking templates on places like Etsy which don’t cost much but give your site a beautiful appearance.


Keep an eye on competitors

In any field of business, it’s worth knowing what your competitors are doing, and the same applies to blogging. Follow some of the leading bloggers in your niche, discover what it is they’re doing that makes them successful. Software like WordTree keyword tool makes it easy to research them and find out what they’re doing so you can try the same strategies.

Register as a business

When you’re earning money from your blog, unfortunately, the tax man will want his cut. As a blogger, you need to register (in most cases you will be a sole trader) and will complete a tax return every year where you pay the tax you owe. It’s good practice to keep twenty percent aside from every payment you receive so that you can pay your tax bill with it when it becomes due.

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