Insect week: Paper Chain Caterpillar.


This week we have decided our theme is bugs/insects. We decided our craft would be a paper chain caterpillar.    


Materials we used: 

  • Construction paper 

  • Scissors

  • Tape or glue

  • Marker (for mouth) 

  • Googly eyes

(Please excuse his dirty face. He just had chocolate. Haha!)

How to: 

    • Cut strips of construction paper about 1 inch wide. 

    • Turn the strips of construction paper into a ring and then tape the ring or glue the ring. 

    • Continue with the next strip and go until all strips have turned into a chain. 

    • Antennas: 

    • Cut two small strips of construction paper. 

    • Use scissors to make the antennas curly(like with gift ribbon).

    • Glue or tape antennas onto the “head” of the caterpillar. 

  • Eyes: 

    • Glue googly eyes on the head under the antennas or draw the eyes onto the head 

  • Mouth 

    • Draw a mouth onto the front of the head underneath the eyes. 






 This activity was completely child driven. They did the majority of the work and they are so proud of the outcomes. 



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