Reducing The Cost of Having Kids

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Let’s face it, kids can be expensive. Trust me, I have three!  Not only do you have enhanced needs as parents, but with so many more costs associated with life, now that you are having to provide for a new  member of your family things can feel financially overwhelming at times.

The challenge, particularly as kids get older and start wanting all the things they want, from ice creams to toys and vacations, is that what was once you and your partner going to a theme park – that price has now doubled, maybe even quadrupled, depending on how many children you have.

Of course, the benefits of having a family tend to outweigh the financial cost, yet it can be a struggle at times and therefore it’s good to look at proven ways you can reduce the cost associated with having kids.

Home Cook Meals

Eating out of buying in pre-made meals can all add up. Buy items in bulk and then dedicate one afternoon each week to make your meals and then freeze them. This can save you time as well as when you are rushing around after a busy day, it is easy to heat up a pre-made meal. It may seem more tedious, but it adds up the money-saving and timesaving.

Use Coupons

Saving coupons can really help reduce the cost of having kids. Many places have coupon offers and many parents save themselves large amounts of money with coupon offers. One major saving that is ideal for new moms is baby diapers coupons. Get friends and family in on the money savings as you can always collect coupons for each other depending on the stages that your children are at.

Shop Second Hand

As children grow so fast, it can be hard to keep up with the different size clothes they require. We have a local thrift store that is fill-a-bag for five dollars. I have found a lot of new and name brand clothing in there at a steal of a price. With them outgrowing clothes so fast, think about shopping second hand or even swapping items of clothing with other moms. Head out to second hand shops in more affluent areas to find some nice high quality items.

Do Babysitting Exchanges

This is an excellent money saver. Every parent needs time away from their child but it costs money to pay for a babysitter. Why not suggests to other parents that you take it in turns to give each other a break. From spending it with your significant other, or just to have some time to yourself to pamper yourself, having a break does not need to break the bank.

Get Into Going to the Library.

Your local library can be a great resource for books and films. There is no need to buy things that are brand new, for them to only be used once. Head over and loan these items out and give your child a massive selection rather than a small selection of things they own. It also teaches your child to take care of things and share. You could then sit in your families games room.

Having kids can be an expensive business, yet there are ways you can cut costs whilst not cutting corners in terms of giving them all they need to prosper and flourish.

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