Visiting Honeyville In Durango Colorado

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Our family loves to travel. All over the place and all the time if we could. We are out and about as often as we can be and we are on a mission to find the coolest places in our area “The Four Corners”. On a recent excursion, we stopped at Honeyville in Durango, and I’m so glad we did. The kids had a blast and let’s be honest, the honey was delicious. 


About Honeyville: 

My son picking a wedgie. Hey, car rides can be tough. Haha. 


In the 1920s, Vernon Culhane removed some honey bees from a tree near his house to start his own hive. He then discovered that the bees were producing the best honey he had ever tasted. Vernon earned the title, “The Falfa Honey Man”. Vernon would take his flatbed pickup to downtown Durango where the train station is located and locals would fill their containers straight from the truck. He eventually made a “Honey House” and locals could come to pick up his honey from that location.


He soon started experimenting with the possibilities of what else could be done with the honey his bees were producing. He realized he could use his honey to enhance Jams and Jellies as well as creating Honeyville’s flagship product – Cinnamon Whipped Honey. You can read more about how Honeyville began here



As honeybees are the center point for Honeyville, there is a display of bees located at the entrance. You can view the bees and even try to locate the Queen bee. 

Our kids looked at the bees for at least ten minutes. Examining and looking for the Queen. This can also be a good field trip if you homeschool. We were able to learn all about bees and what they offer for us. After all, without bees, none of us would be alive. 


Even though Hayden was skeptical, she watched the bees for about as long as the boys. There are infographics on the wall that explain the difference between the types of bees worker bees, queen bees, etc. It really was a neat part of Honeyville. I was also told that if you call ahead the owners will set up a time to take the kids in the back where they will see everything in depth, up close, and personal. We may be going back soon for an in-depth tour. 


Honey House Distillery: 


You heard that right. Honeyville offers honey infused spirits. From Colorado Honey Whiskey to Red Cliffs Spiced Rum, you can find what you are looking for at Honeyville. They have tastings every day of the week and they are so sweet and knowledgeable of their products. 


They have sweet Honeyville wines that you can taste test but be careful you may end up purchasing a bunch of the delicious wine. 

They also sell drink mixes such as bloody Mary mix, Peach mixes, and their famous Chokecherry Lime mixes. 


Local Favorites: 

If you know anything about New Mexico and the four corners, you must have heard of Green Chile. It is a staple in the diets of most New Mexicans and Southern Coloradans. Don’t worry Honeyville has you covered. Although I am not a fan of green chile *insert gasps from New Mexicans everywhere*, Tyler is and Honeyville offers many options that include green chilies such as Candelaria’s Green Chile Mix and Durango Diner Green Chile.


Our Favorite: 

The jams and jellies are probably our favorite products. Honeyville is an awesome place and I can’t believe we had never been there before. We will definitely be returning. Especially since we are almost out of our honey.

If you are passing through Durango Colorado make sure to stop off at Honeyville for some tasty honey. 

Their selection of jams, jellies, gifts, candy, and whiskey includes something for the whole family. Not to mention a lesson in bees. We were pleasantly surprised by how much Honeyville has to offer. 

 Click here for the location information or to order online (some states can even get the Whiskey shipped). 

These kids loved the honey sticks we got them. They were bouncing off the walls for a little while, but sweet treats on occasion are definitely worth it. 


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