The Holiday Home Dream: Paphos, Cyprus

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When going on holiday, it is often difficult to decide where to visit. You save up your hard earned cash all year and you want to ensure that your money is well spent. And the difficulty not only derives from what country to go to but also what region as well. For instance, Cyprus is a highly popular tourist destination. People visit the Mediterranean island year after year because of its glorious weather and friendly ambiance. However, there are lots of great holiday homes in Cyprus situated all over the island, and so it can be difficult to decide where to stay. You have to decide between Ayia Napa, Limassol, Larnaca, Protaras, and of course, Paphos.


The benefits of holiday homes in Paphos…


The latter option, Paphos, is a particularly recommended place. It is loved by all types of people because it provides a balanced location. This means that it has something for everybody; from the sun worshippers to the explorers. This is particularly beneficial if you are planning on going on vacation as a group. After all, everyone has different interests and it can often be difficult to satisfy everyone; yet Paphos offers a brilliant way of doing so.

With concern to the beaches, Cyprus, in general, is well-known for its beautiful golden bays. There are lots of different beaches for you to choose from in Paphos. Nevertheless, many would be in agreement that Peyia beach – otherwise known as Coral Bay – is the best option. The beach is shaped like a big horseshoe, with either edge boasting steep limestone cliffs. The gorgeous golden cove has been awarded a Blue Flag status. This recognizes beaches for their high level of environmental management, the quality of their water, and so on and so forth. Another great thing about this beach is the fact that it is surrounded by an excellent selection of restaurants and bars. Therefore, if you are feeling hungry or thirsty after a hard day of sunbathing, you won’t be short of options at your disposal.

On the other hand, if you are someone who likes to explore then you won’t be short of choices either. The Tombs of the Kings is well worth a visit. This is a huge burial ground. The tombs are of Ancient Greek citizens as well as those of nobility. It is truly an astonishing sight. And if the Tombs of the Kings wets your appetite for Ancient Greek exploration then you can always delve a little bit further by visiting the Archaeological Park. Here you will be able to experience the fantastic wonders of the Ancient Greek world; from marketplaces to theatres. And don’t forget to witness the simply stunning mosaics which have been preserved remarkably well. Aside from this, another popular place worth witnessing is the Akamas Peninsula. This is actually the westernmost tip of Cyprus and if you are visiting Paphos then you are in look as this is the nearest city to the peninsula. This is an ideal place for those who have an appreciation for natural beauty as well as those who are looking for the perfect location to relax and unwind. The landscape on display is truly stunning and the environment is idyllic.


Investing in a holiday home in Paphos

It is worth casting your attention to the property options in Paphos. There are lots of fantastic holiday homes in Cyprus, and Paphos is not short of them either. You will be able to invest in luxurious villas with private swimming pools and beautiful scenery or stylish apartments with great views. If you don’t have the money to buy a property outright, there are plenty of options. A secured loan could be the best solution, securing the money against the property you own in the UK. Moreover, the great thing about Paphos, unlike other areas in Cyprus, is that it is open all year round, and so you can expect to make money on your holiday home whenever you are not visiting.

If you are looking for a great holiday home in Cyprus, there are lots of incredible properties to choose from, but whereabouts should you choose to stay? If you are seeking somewhere with a bit of everything to offer, then Paphos is ideal.


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