Healthy, Happy, And Self-Sufficient: Helping Our Children From Day One

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The most difficult thing about being a parent is that, when we start to have more than one child, our attention is divided between them, and as a result, our ability to instill them with good life practices diminishes. When it comes to winning the battle of healthy habits, confidence, as well as a good attitude to life, we’ve got to start from day one. But are there any essential that we need to instill our children with so that they are healthy, happy, and, for the most part, self-sufficient?

The Morning Habits That Set Them Up For The Day

We all experience moments when we don’t want to get out of bed, but we have to treat each new day as a new start. In addition to this, if we can instill in our children a good morning routine, this can set them up for the day by giving them energy, focus, and that ability to tackle anything. Yes, a healthy meal in the morning can give your children energy, but it’s about ensuring that they brush their teeth, learn how to prime themselves ready for the day, and learn how to tackle every problem that comes their way with vigor. This means that, as a parent, you’ve got quite a few battles on your hands! While there are a few little hacks you can take advantage of, like during brushing teeth, they can use fluoride varnish to ensure that their teeth are healthy, but you still have to be the example. In which case, you need to practice good morning habits as well. If you are giving them orders, and not practicing what you preach, why should they do anything you say? The morning set the stage for their whole day. So, even if you’re stressed or overhelmed, try not to begin the day by yelling or barking orders. Breathe, be as calm as possible, and remind your kids how important they are to you.

The Ability To Question

Young children have very inquisitive minds, and this can tire us out. If they continually ask questions about why something happens, we can be frustrated and find ways to placate them. But, this is an attitude we need to instill in our children because they will naturally grow up to be inquisitive people, and leaders, rather than followers. While we set the precedent, if we want our children to have the things we didn’t, we’ve still got to engage them in conflict from time to time. We can shy away from conflict, thinking that this is one additional stress we don’t need, but we’ve got to ensure that our children grow up ready to tackle conflict in one way or another because this is what will help them improve their emotional reserves. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to engage them in battles on a regular basis, but if you have a naturally inquisitive child, you have a responsibility to not dampen this. An inquisitive mind is a creative one and this provides such an important foundation for a person who has the ability to look at things from different points of view, problem solve effectively, and not be easily overwhelmed by stress.

Of course, we’ve all got our own opinions of what our children need. But as far as the ability to tackle problems in everyday life is concerned, starting the day on the right foot, and having an ability to look beyond the facade are two of the most important approaches to set our kids up for life. We can do this from day one.

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