Simple Changes To Make Your Family a Healthier One

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With holiday season upon us it can be a time when we do a lot of planning and thinking about the new year that is ahead of us. Are you someone that makes new year’s resolutions? A lot of people naturally want to go on a diet to get back to where they were before the indulgence of the holidays took over. But in actual fact, going on a restrictive diet can mean that you are just doing something for a certain amount of time, and then afterwards, can mean getting back to your usual eating habits. Which is why diets are not always the best thing to be doing. Instead, this new year, you could look at making changes to your health in the long term, so that the benefits are there for a while and are long lasting.

With that in mind, here are some of the things that you can be doing to help you and your family to be happy and healthy over the next year, with changes that can last for a lifetime.


Try New Foods

According to recent statistics, only four percent of North Americans are eating the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. So when it comes to long lasting health and making healthy changes, one change that you could start doing is to try new things when it comes to food (especially in the fruits and vegetables department). For instance, next time you are at the store, choose something that you or the kids have not had before. Keep trying new things to explore new tastes and flavors.


Visit the Dentist

Making regular appointments with your dentist, much like Trilliant Dentistry, is a great way to make sure that you are keeping healthy as a family. Oral health can have a massive impact on your overall health, as it can be closely related to things like heart disease. So make sure that you are all getting your regular check ups, as well as taking care of teeth as well as you can at home.


Cut Back Screen Time

Screen time, whether that be a tablet or TV can be such a good idea. Though they can be valuable for family fun and even used as an education tool, they can be used a little too much sometimes. It can help communication to cut back screen time as you are all focused on conversation rather than what is on the screen. It can also improve the amount of sleep and the quality of the sleep that we are all getting.


Spend More Time Outdoors

When the weather is wet and cold we can be quite put off from being outside. But embracing the weather and enjoying all of the seasons as a family can be great in a number of ways. You can get moving more when you’re outside, as well as using it as an educational tool. You can also get much needed fresh air to help you all be healthier than being cooped up inside somewhere with everyone’s germs.


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