Healthier Alternatives To Your Favorite Naughty Treats

Who doesn’t love a treat now and then? I know I do, and it’s definitely been my downfall in the past, that’s for sure! The great thing about naughty treats is that they taste so delicious and satisfy our cravings. The bad thing is, they’re usually packed full of too many carbs, fats, and calories, making them unhealthy!

Well, I’ve got something special for you today as I’ll show you how to enjoy healthier versions of your naughtiest treats…

Potato Chips

Probably the staple snack in everyone’s kitchen, it’s hard to go a day without gorging on a packet of potato chips. But, they’re just not good for you. Luckily, there are now tons of alternatives out there that are so much healthier. You can try baked potato chips, which taste just as nice but they’re baked instead of fried. You can try things like lentil or hummus chips, which contain way less fat and fewer calories. Or, you can try veggie chips that are made out of beetroot, kale, sweet potatoes, and so on.

French Fries

Everyone loves some crispy french fries with the fluffy potato on the inside. The problem is, they’re usually deep-fried, which means they’re absolutely loaded full of calories and fat from the oil. Now, I’m going to tell you a couple of things you can do to make this treat much healthier. Firstly, get your hands on a healthy deep fryer that doesn’t use any oil. Right away, this can take hundreds of calories off this treat. You could end things here, but why not swap out regular potatoes for sweet ones instead? It’s a slightly more indulgent taste, but they’re the healthier potato, so you get some added nutrients!

Chocolate Cookies

I often find myself reaching for a nice chocolate cookie when I’m having a cup of coffee. Again, they’re just awful for you in the long-term. A much healthier alternative is to have a nice rice cake and apply a thin layer of chocolate spread onto it. You still get that sugar hit and the chocolate craving, but it’s far less fatty, and there’s considerably less sugar in them too. In fact, you can probably have two of these, and they’re still nowhere near as bad as one cookie!

Ice Cream

Finally, we have ice cream. Imagine a world without it? The good news is, your world doesn’t technically need to go without it! There are some healthier ice creams on the market today which are specifically designed to be low-calorie and low-sugar. Find some like this, and you could probably eat the whole tub without feeling guilty. Or, there’s always frozen yogurt, which is another excellent alternative to traditional ice cream.

You see, there’s not always the need to completely starve yourself of your favorite things. Sometimes, if you want to be healthier, you just have to look for some alternatives. Some of these things are just subtle changes to the original, or they’re something much healthier that’s very similar. So, give them a go, and you can start eating healthier!


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