Is Going Back To School Right For Your Life?

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After stepping through the school gates as a fledgling teenager, you may have thought your school days were now behind you. No more homework, no more exams, and no more teachers!

And that was that that was then, and here you are now. The end.

Or is it…

Could you go back to school?

Your first answer may be a definite NO!

You will have good reasons, of course.

You don’t have time. You can’t afford it. You don’t know why you should. And so on and so on, and so forth.

However, know this. Many courses can be taken online, and most colleges have part-time courses that might fit in with your busy schedule. There are grants and scholarships available for adult students, and there are low-cost options for degree courses you might consider; follow the link to learn more. And if you don’t know why you should bother getting back into education, then we have some very good reasons why you should consider it.

Here’s why you might consider going back to school.


Reason #1: You don’t have a job

Our suggestions here are twofold. If you don’t have a job, perhaps because you have been busy raising a family, then going back to school will give you some focus to your day; something useful to do with any spare time you have, instead of wasting it elsewhere. On the other hand, you may have lost your job, or struggling with unemployment, in which case an education might help you to move forward in getting back into the workplace. Either way, extra knowledge and a few more qualifications under your belt will improve your life.


Reason #2: You are struggling to get promoted

If you’re working, but finding it hard to climb the rungs of the career ladder, then going back to school may be just what you need to do. You may not have earned that promotion because of a lack of skills training or an appropriate qualification, so speak to your employer about what courses you might need to take to elevate further. Better job satisfaction and a larger salary await, so don’t delay the conversation.


Reason #3: You will improve your social life

Sure, there are other ways to improve your social life – you could join a hobby group or spend more time with your existing group of friends – but by going back to school, you will not only get to meet more people who share the same interests as you, but you will get yourself an education to boot. And if you were fearful about getting back into education as a mature student, know that there will be people on your courses of similar age and mindset to you. Befriend them and draw on them for support as you study.


Reason #4: You will make valuable connections

You will connect with teachers who will inspire you in your life. It wasn’t until I decided to go back to school that I realized what I really wanted to do with my life. I met some amazing instructors and fellow classmates that led me to the path I am today. I will forever be grateful for them. You will make lifelong friends. And you will meet people who may be tomorrow’s leaders, and by knowing them, you will have valuable connections in the industry you may be thinking about working in. In many ways, going back to school will serve you well now and in the future. I have met several valuable individuals in the birthing industry so when I graduate I have a connection or gateway to get my own practice started. 


Reason #5: You will encourage your children

Do your kids enjoy going to school? Do they see the value in an education? By going back to school yourself, you are showing your children that you take learning seriously. You are showing them the benefits that an education can offer. You will be able to identify more closely with your children when they complain about their school stresses. And you will be able to bond with them, perhaps by sitting with them as you all get on with your respective homework pieces. My children are homeschooled and it gives us a way to connect throughout the day on a different level. I am not only heir teacher, but also a student myself. I understand their frustrations and we make goals to overcome tough lessons TOGETHER. 


Reason #6: You will prove yourself to your doubters

We all have doubters in our lives. Those people who don’t think we will amount to very much. The people who are quick to criticize us and put us down. The people who are quick to open their mouths but slow to do anything worthwhile with their lives. You can probably imagine those people in your mind right now, so why not prove yourself to them? This was a big motivator for me. Not because I needed to prove to them I could do it, but because I needed to prove it to myself and my children. It is hard to be a teen mother and run a successful blog. It is hard to be in school and also homeschool, but if I can do it anyone can. Show them that you can do something with your life. Show them that you do have skills and talents. Show them that their words are meaningless, because yes, you have done something, and you have the certificate to prove it. They will doubt you no more!


Reason #7: You will prove your worth to yourself

Boy does this hit home for me. Sometimes, we are our own biggest enemy. We don’t need other people to tell us we can’t do something, because we tell ourselves that same thing. We might be fearful about taking that first step back into education. We may be fearful of our ability to cope with new learning and exams. We may lack social skills, or worry about others being better than us. And as we fret and worry, and doubt our self-worth, we retreat into our safety bubble and do nothing. We then live with regrets, wishing we had made those important steps into improving our lives. So, here’s the thing. Stop doubting yourself, because you are probably more able than you think. I remember when I started this blog and I told myself, “I’m not like the other mothers that run blogs. I will never make an income”. Yet here I am making a living. I told myself  “I’m too busy to take classes. I’m not smart enough or determined enough.” Yet, here I am, killing it. Look for ways to overcome your fears. Set aside your negative thoughts. Pluck up the courage to go back to school, and prove to yourself that you can do it! And as you do, you will hopefully grow in self-confidence, and that might spur you on to do other things in your life, instead of letting your supposed weaknesses hold you back in your comfort zone.

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So, what do you think? Is going back to school right for your life? If any of the reasons in this article resonated with you, then perhaps now is the time to make those inquiries in moving forward. Think about the courses that will benefit you, consider how you might make room for education in your schedule, and then take those steps that may well change your life forever! We wish you every success if you do!

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