How I turned blogging into a part time job with a full time income.

I have been blogging about eight months now, and when I began I never imagined blogging would turn into a job. I used to read blogging income reports and say “yeah right”. I never believed blogging could provide me with spare money let alone an income. So here is how I turned my blog into a job in just eight months. I began blogging with the idea that I could possibly make some extra money. I knew it would be difficult and that it would take time, but my goal was just 100 dollars extra a month. Little did I know I could surpass that amount and make blogging a career.

How did I begin?

It all started in May of 2017. I had a brand new baby and I knew I needed to do something to “work from home”. I googled all kinds of ways to work from home and was floored by all the empty promises and get rich quick schemes. I came across several “Start a money making blog” posts and did some research. I wanted to create a profitable blog for free. Let’s all laugh together. I did begin my blogging journey for free, but I quickly learned that nothing in life is really free. I had a heck of a time trying to buy a domain and get my blog transferred to a hosting site. I chose Siteground because they were able to transfer all of my old site from blogger to my new wordpress site for free with a membership. My views skyrocketed and I began making money. I was amazed.

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My fiance and I didn’t have “disposable income”. We lived paycheck to paycheck and had little to spare. It wasn’t easy shelling out money in the beginning of my blogging journey, mainly because we didn’t have it to invest in something unknown. “Would I even make money?” “Is this a risk I am willing to take”. I feel like a lot of bloggers don’t mention this part. Some have the disposable income to start and im beyond happy for them, but people like me? It took me several paychecks of saving and pinching pennies to be able to buy a membership to Siteground and my domain name. Something told me to take the plunge. And, so began the funniest  job I’ve ever had.

Web Hosting

Take the leap. 

I’m so glad I did. I was so tired of struggling. And I hate giving advice to other struggling mothers, “well spend money to make money”. I remember during my blogging research I used to see “and for only $4.00 a month” and rolling my eyes. Damn do you think I would be looking for jobs online if I had money to spare? But, take it from me, in this industry you have to take a leap to get your foot in the door. That is always the hardest part.

Start your blog.

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Making Money? 

How the heck do you make money creating content? That was my biggest question when I started. Check out my post “How to Make Money Blogging”. It has several ways to make an income from blogging including advertisements and sponsored posts.

The pro’s?

Im at home with my kids. Because of blogging I have been able to homeschool my children. I am the front man in all of their activities. I can go where ever i’d like when ever I would like to. Breaking from the 9-5 hassle was the best thing to happen to my family. We make more memories and spend a lot more time together. After all, they’re only this little once.

The con’s? 

Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. I didn’t see any money at all for the first three months of blogging. And blogging is also a job. It isn’t all fun and writing. There is a lot of learning and customization, but if you have the determination, you will fulfill your goals associated with blogging.

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