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When I began blogging I didn’t realize how photos can have such an impact on a certain post. I used to create my own using canva( which I still love), but it was so time consuming. Plus, some ended up kinda tacky and made my blog look unprofessional. I am still in the process of cleaning out my blog images and trading them for new and updated photos.

When it comes to finding images on the internet, it has taken me sometime to find places that have free beautiful photos. That require no attribution.

Never EVER use google images. I have read horror stories of bloggers who have had to pay outrageously high fines because they snagged an image off of the web. It doesn’t matter if it is an accident or if you give proper credit. You can still have a major fine on your hands.

I know it is best to make your own images, but that option isn’t always reasonable  for us busy individuals. Here are some FREE stock images with no attribution required. (Always be sure to double check the website for licensing changes.)

As I find new image sites I will update this list.

  1.  Unsplash (one of my favorites)
  2. Cupcake
  3.  FancyCrave
  4.  StockSnap
  5. Skitterphoto
  6. Magdeleine
  7. OneLeftMedia
  8. Travel Coffee Book (amazing travel images)
  9. Re:splashed
  10. Barn Images
  11. Snapwiresnaps
  12. Free Nature Stock 
Hope this helps your business or blog!

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