Drinking More Water A Resolution For You? Here’s How To Stick To It

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Many of us will be striving for a healthier lifestyle in the new year. We can all overindulge when it comes to the festive season. Enjoying the food a little too much, having those drinks flow a little too freely, it can often mean that come January the first we are begging for a healthier approach to life. Drinking more water can often be one of the best ways to start feeling better. It can improve your mood, clear your skin and flush out any bad toxins in your body. But it can be quite hard to stick to it, so here are some suggestions to help you increase the amount of water you drink on a daily basis.

Have a bottle with you all of the time.

Drinking more water can be quite difficult to do, even though it should be very natural. So if you find yourself going a while without drinking anything at all, then maybe a reminder is what you need. Having a bottle of water with you at all times serves as a prompt to keep taking sips and to keep your body hydrated. You can now even by bottles that indicate how much you should have drunk by a certain point of the day. Helping you to achieve the recommended intake each and every day.

Try a flavored water.

The biggest criticism people face when it comes to wanting to drink more water is finding it boring. With so much choice out there for different flavors of drinks, such as cordials, coffees, teas, and caffeinated drinks, water isn’t always the “go to” choice. But drinking flavored water could be the key to success. It gives you the benefit of drinking water, with a little more flavor added to it. You could also consider flavoring the water yourself with fruits if you wanted to try and encourage yourself to drink more of it.

Track the glasses of water you drink.

The name of the game is to drink more, so why not make this a competition with yourself and start recording exactly how much you are drinking. If you are using bottles, then this is easy to track in terms of how much you have drunk. But you could also track the number of glasses you drink each day. Set yourself a target, that should cover the normal intake that is recommended and then see how long it takes you to do it over the course of the day. This way you can record how well you are doing and also be able to track whether you are starting to see any benefits from doing it.

Cut out other drinks that you would choose instead.

Finally, try and avoid other drinks that can be too much of a temptation. If you need to, avoid buying them, so you don’t have them in your home. It is all about developing new habits, and so having no choice but to drink water can help you on your way to making it more of a consistent part of your lifestyle change.

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