Ways For Managing Bouts Of Sudden Dizziness

We take our balance for granted all the time. In fact, you try to mention it to someone and they will look at you like you’re making a strange unfunny joke. But they should stop and think about it. We’re the only animal living on this earth, that can walk and run upright on two legs. That in itself takes a lot of skill and a complex system to function properly.

Our brain is the epicenter of all functions and from here, our body is controlled. Nothing that your muscles and limbs do, is without the consent of the brain. And yet, we’re inherently disconnected from our brain to some degree. Our hearts and digestive system all work involuntarily. We’re not consciously keeping ourselves alive. Therefore, we not consciously keeping ourselves balanced. The tiny neurons in our brains fire and work on networks. When there is a dysfunction in the brain of this magnitude, it can alter our state of being. Just sitting down can feel strange as the room spins out of control.

Here’s what you can do when you’re feeling dizzy.

Remain in a calm state

The worst thing you can do is panic when you’re feeling extremely dizzy and at a loss of balance. Sit down or lie down immediately. Make sure to take deep and slow breaths. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Try to focus on diaphragmatic breathing, as this is the deepest kind of breathing that involves your entire torso. Make sure you drink plenty of water and do so while leaning against something while sitting down. Vitamin C can help to limit the effects of vertigo. Consume oranges, strawberries, and bell peppers to get a quick amount into your system. Orange juice is great for when you’re feeling dizzy and short of breath.

Avoid flashing your vision

Your eyes are inherently trying to keep focus. We have a complex system that continually tries to latch onto objects, figure out the distances between them and yourself, focus on fast-moving things and also separate and identify colors. For example, don’t look directly into a fan when you’re feeling light-headed and can’t seem to find your feet. It’s also wise, to remember any medical conditions you have and use medicines to treat your symptoms. Epilepsy is made worse when you don’t counteract the feeling of dizziness. 

You can view here how a CBD oil might ease the symptoms of epilepsy. Avoid looking at a digital screen of any kind, such as a television, computer, laptop, pad, tablet or smartphone. Close your eyes until you can feel as if your vision has centered again.

Recharge your batteries

Get plenty of sleep each night. It sounds simple but you need to recharge your batteries and allow your brain to get a good amount of rest. The less demand you put on your already fragile nerve system, the better until you are properly medically treated; if it persists that is.

Our brains are already placed really high in our anatomy. Therefore our movements have an exaggerated effect on our brain when we’re feeling dizzy. Breathe slow and deep, drink water and orange juice, and don’t focus your vision on fast-moving things.


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