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When it comes to Disney, let’s just say things can get pretty expensive. This post is exclusive to Disneyland and California Adventure. Here are some freebies at the Disneyland park and California Adventure you may not know about.


There is no need to spend three dollars on a water bottle that will just get warm in an hour. You can go into any counter service dining location at Disneyland and they will give you a free glass of ice water. (Ask politely for a large cup!)

Kids 3 and under

If you decide character dining/ buffet character dining is right for you and your family, a fun fact is kids under 3 eat free. Character dining can be expensive, but this helps that spending if you have little ones.


If you go to city hall, located on the left hand side of Main Street, U.S.A., they have free buttons for all occasions. Happily ever after buttons, 1st Visit buttons, Happy Anniversary buttons, Happy Birthday buttons, etc. You just ask them about their button collection and see which one suits your needs. You can get one for each member of the family.

Disneyland App. 

This app is a gem. You can buy your park tickets off the app and avoid waiting in ticket lines. It has a park map, ride wait times, and where all the characters are currently located. I noticed that occasionally the ride-wait times would be a bit off, but that didn’t cause us any issues. You can make dinner reservations and look at menus right off your phone. It also has park hours, show schedules, ride height requirements, and ride descriptions. A total must for a Disney vacation.

Bakery Tour

The Boudin Bakery at California Adventure gives out bakery tours. You get to see the bakers in action and watch a video. After the tour they give out samples of fresh bread. Kids have a blast with this one.

Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate shop

In California Adventure, you can visit the chocolate shop and receive a sample square of chocolate. It is seasonal so in winter you may get a peppermint chocolate sample. It all depends on their availability.

Jungle Cruise Map

Everyday the Jungle Cruise gives out a certain number of maps. If you ride it early in the morning you should be able to ask for one. This is a great free souvenir.


Some cast members carry around stickers. You can ask them if they have any stickers and use manners because sometimes they will give you more than one. This one I love because I am big on making scrapbooks.


At City-Hall you can ask for any recipe for any meal or beverage you have enjoyed at the park. I recommend, even if you don’t get a chance to eat there, picking up the Blue Bayou Gumbo recipe.

Ride Pictures

Take pictures of your ride pictures. I have asked several cast members and this has never been an issue. Just take a picture of the ride picture so you don’t have to buy one. Plus, at the end of Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, you can type your email in and the picture will be emailed to you.

Join D23

There are free memberships and premium memberships. With the free membership you get the ability to attend exclusive D23 events, exclusive, merchandise, subscription to D23 Fan-Fare eNewsletter, and discounts/ promotional offers.


At the Chamber of Commerce, in California Adventure, you can pick up a free copy of the newspaper. It is filled with current news, but looks like an older newspaper.


Not free but worth a mention.

Pin trading.

This is such a fun one with kids. You can order a pin trading kit off of Amazon here. Ordering it will save so much money.
Then once you’re in the park you can trade up to two pins per cast member you see. So by the time you leave you could have all new unique pins.

Penny pressing.

This is a personal favorite. We clean our pennies and make sure to have plenty of quarters.
There are penny pressing stations all over the park and in Downtown Disney too. If you go to City-Hall they can tell you where the pressing stations are located.
For $0.51, you can have a souvenir for your scrapbook or shadow box!What are your favorite Disneyland Freebies?

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