Discount Membership Hotels Etc. Review: Is It Worth It?

This post is sponsored by Hotels Etc. but as always the opinions are entirely my own.

I have wanted to bring you guys this website I found, for a while now. Due to some health issues with my preemie daughter(she is doing much better now) I was unable to complete this post. Now, since things have calmed down and I’ve had the time to really review the site and learn about all the good it can offer, I am here to share it with my readers.

Hotels Etc.

This website is a discounted membership site. Meaning you pay a yearly price to receive unlimited amounts of killer discounts. They offer a lot more than just hotels by the way. They offer discounted flights, cruises, movie tickets, theme park tickets, entertainment, shows, car rentals, you name it- they have you covered. As a family that travels A LOT, we are always looking at the best and cheapest options for our family of 5.


I wanted to show ya’ll some gems I found on this website. My family and I are planing a vacation for late spring of this year. We haven’t quite decided what we wanted to do yet. Having NEVER been on a cruise (I know!) we thought that may be an option, but looking at the Disneyland website we would be paying about $2,000 per person. That just want an option for us. I checked out the cruise offerings on Hotels Etc. and found this bad boy priced $931 per person. That is a savings of over $1,000.

Theme Park Tickets.

You guys. Im a sucker for theme parks. Even before I had kids. Its like the most magical thing for me. I forget about everyday life and enjoy myself. Sometimes I like to leave the worries at home and just take a ride on the Matterhorn or get a dole whip. It is so easy for me to be a “kid again” when we are having fun without everyday life challenges. SO another option for our vacation this year is Disneyland. The prices just raised again however, and like I said earlier, as a family of five we are always in the market for cheaper tickets. On Hotels Etc. I found this steal.

ABOVE: Hotels Etc. price. BELOW: Price on

That is a whopping $114 savings per person. So for our family of five, it is $456 we could save (our youngest is two so she is still free). It kind of blows my mind because for $456 we could go to Legoland or Universal. Or, even add extra days to Disneyland.

There are so many benefits to this membership it’s unreal and if you travel like my family does, the membership pays for itself and then some. The discounts are unbelievable. We just got a hotel for our upcoming trip to Albuquerque for $25 OFF the normal Expedia price. This trip is a medical one (daughters check-up for her eyes). So, we wanted to save as much as possible without ending up in the bad part of town. Check out Hotels Etc. to get the best prices for your family.

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