How A Mom Can Deal With A Separation

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Talking about separation is for many the least favorite topic of conversation. However, it is the harsh reality of many moms who need to learn to rebuild their family life. As a parent, you understand that your role is to look after your children and encourage their personal development. However, going through the separation process doesn’t only affect your children. It also affects you at an emotional level. Dealing with the stress and pressures – at a financial, emotional, and legal levels – of this difficult process is straining. Single motherhood is nothing new, but the transition from couple parenting to a happy mono-parental family doesn’t happen overnight (trust me!!). For many mothers, the road to recovery after separation can be bumpy and painful. One thing is for sure; your love for your children is not enough to save you from the pain of a divorce. If you want to be in the best position to help your children, you need to look after yourself first.


Find someone who understands your situation.

Breaking up puts your family through a roller coaster of emotions. Pain, anxiety and disbelief tear you apart and, as a result, you find yourself unable to cope emotionally with the situation. Even with the best will, many parents find it hard to maintain a healthy and respectful conversation while going through the processes of divorce. The stories of parents who have kidnapped their children in such circumstances make the headlines regularly. While you don’t want to be one of those parents, you also don’t want to go through the stress of arguing custody arrangements with your ex-partner. Unfortunately, for a lot of families, divorce lawyers might not always put the interest of the people involved first. As a result, children and ex-partners can pay a significant emotional cost. To help you in this difficult situation, you need a professional lawyer who works hard to minimize the strain. With a combination of mental health experience and family dispute resolution, KM Family law offers you the chance to preserve your dignity and emotional stability during a divorce. As an alternative to traditional court proceedings which can be painful and violent, a lawyer who helps you to create healthy relationships through the separation actively reduce the negative impacts of divorce on you and your children.

Find the time to look after yourself.

When you have children, your perspective on life changes. You make it your mission to support your children emotionally and to help them to develop their interests and passions. You are more than the person who looks after them. You dedicate your time to make life a little better for your children. Going through a divorce, you will work to ensure that they can cope with the situation. It’s not uncommon for divorced mothers to go above and beyond for the well-being of their children. But you can’t ignore the emotional toll you’ve taken through the breakup. When a big holiday approaches – such as Christmas – you might find yourself crying over the memories of previous Christmases as a family. You might become irritable when you spot happy couples and their babies in the street. Whatever the trigger is, depression and divorce often go hand-in-hand. You need time away from your children to recharge your batteries. Start with little things such as getting up a little earlier in the morning to enjoy some peaceful time (this has helped me tremendously) to letting your son or daughter sleepover at a friend’s.  


Unlock the key to a better and stronger you.

Breakups are devastating. But they provide you with a chance to reflect on your choices and behaviors. When you think of a divorce as the conclusion of a journey, you can review the actions that have contributed to it learn from your mistakes. Indeed, a majority of divorcees don’t take the time to reflect on what went wrong during the relationship. As a result, many leap into hasty second marriages. Unfortunately, this behavior, which is dictated by the fear of loneliness, doesn’t make up for happy marriages. Instead, take the time to rediscover yourself and review the mistakes of your relationship. You might stumble across essential qualities or dramatic flaws to bear in mind when you decide to move on. For instance, if his values attracted you but they ended up clashing against yours, you know that it would be foolish to start a relationship with someone who shares the same values than your ex. Equipped with the new information, you will find the strength to turn the page and explore a new chapter in your life. As you do, the image you give your children will improve too. You become a mother who rebuilds her life and happiness, not a woman who’s been broken by divorce.

Romance is not dead; it’s only waiting for you to be ready.

The separation can be an eye-opening experience. Some couples lacked the necessary maturity to deal with their relationship issues during the time of their marriage. But divorce can help them to realize their mistakes and make peace. And sometimes, when you least expect it, the divorcees reconnect and fall in love again. Some divorced couples are even known to have remarried and been happier than they ever were! But whether you choose to go back with your ex-partner or whether you decide to meet someone new, dating can be a nerve-racking experience after a divorce. When you feel ready to date again, you can choose the approach that works best for your personality. For many divorcees, the idea of dating is terrifying. But if you think about it as meeting new people at a party or extending your social skills, you can find the idea more appealing. Many divorced mothers are worried about their children when they begin dating again. It’s true that meeting your new partner might come as a surprise at first, but you also need to remember that your children want you to be happy. Trust them to accept your new beau in their lives. Happy parents are, ultimately, better parents.  


A divorce is a stressful event that transforms your family life forever. As a mother, you need to take the time to focus on the best possible solutions for yourself and your family. From a lawyer who takes the time to work with you and your partner towards a peaceful resolution to meeting your next partner, the path to self-healing can be long and challenging for divorced mothers.

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