Creating The Perfect Family Game Room

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Family game nights are an incredible way for your entire family to bond and have fun together. You can have a regular game’s night with the kids, or invite friends and family over for an even bigger event!

Whatever you decide to do, creating the ideal games room for your needs is a must. Here, we’ll give you some great advice so you can put the perfect family games room together. Take a look and your family will be having more fun than ever before!

Have The Proper Lighting In Place

Lighting in your games room is imperative. You need to have task lighting above tables, where you will be playing games and deciding on your next move. In other areas of the room, perhaps where you can watch TV or sit and chat, you should be able to control the lighting to make it more relaxing.

Decide On The Wisest Way To Use Your Floorspace

Make sure you consider the best way to use the floorspace you have. Perhaps your family loves to play pool, or maybe you’re more of an arcade games obsessed family – a pinball machine will be ideal. Make a list of your priorities and the games you like best. It’s a good idea to have plenty of storage so that you can store board games and other elements necessary for a night of family fun. Below you’ll find a ton of suggestions for your room:




-Ping pong

-Tabletop Games

-Dungeons and Dragons


-Pinball Machine

-Pacman Arcade Unit

-Dance Revolution Arcade Unit

-Hungry Hungry Hippos

-Chutes and Ladders



Have A Place To Keep Score

For most of your games, you’re going to need to keep score. A whiteboard or even a chalkboard wall can be the best place to write down the scores and ensure everybody is on the same page!

Include Comfortable Furniture

Comfortable furniture is still a must, whether you’re playing on a game’s console or settling down to watch movies. A mini fridge complete with refreshments is a great idea too – unless you have room for a full sized fridge, in which case, go for it!

Decorating Your Games Room

Deciding on your theme is equally as important as what games you have in your game’s room. Do you want dark and earthy colors, like you find in most game’s rooms, or do you want more of an arcade style with bright colors and vintage pictures? You’ll be spending hours in there, so it should be visually exciting, inviting, and relaxing at the same time.

It can also be a good idea to ensure you decorate your game’s room with as many wipe clean surfaces as possible. If you’re having young kids play games, you don’t want to have to mop up spills out of a carpet every time you use the room. Be smart and keep the room looking great for longer!

How will you create your family game’s room? Let us know!

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