Business Productivity: Technology And Interior Design

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Whether your business appears to be going well, or noticeably lacking in the productivity department, there’s always room for improvement. Luckily as the manager, you have the influence to make the adjustments needed to change your work processes. In fact, you can do this by considering and experimenting with the following tips on technology and interior in your pursuit to increase productivity.


A large portion of business processes can be simplified, reduced or automated to improve your business’s productivity. With consistently new software and applications for businesses appearing on the market, it’s important to stay abreast of changes to ensure your business isn’t missing out on some much needed improved tech. Here are a few examples of technology to consider and perhaps even try;

Templafy : The concept behind Templyfy’s digital asset management process is one centralized platform for all employees to have access to the companies main template such as; emails, presentations, logos, slogans and so on. If this sound of interest to you, you can find out more information here This platform avoids the prospect of employees needing to improvise and develop their own presentations and emails etc., in turn saving time and improving productivity. and Trello: Applications such as these can help you and your team to organize, track and plan your projects in one place. Avoiding spending time having to bring team members up to speed and providing everyone a clear indication of the next steps to make progress.

-Google docs: If you need to oversee documents, or your employees are collaborating on a piece of work together. You could use Google Docs. This allows shared access for your employees to change the document in real time together, add comments and have access even when they are away from the office. The advantage of multiple access to one report means editing and progress are not restricted as it would be when opening a word document.

Furthermore, using technology prevents the use of having to source and scan and copy documents to ensure the entirety of your staff are up to date with relevant changes or news announcement surrounding your business, therefore improving productivity.

Interior Design

On another part of the spectrum in the hope of creating a more productive environment, you may want to consider altering the interior of your office. This may include assessing the psychology of colors, and how these might influence your staff’s behavior and performance. Here are a few colors and the feelings that correlate with displaying these colors in the work environment to give you an idea of what hues may be relevant for your workspace;

-Blue: creates a calming, relaxed environment and aids concentration, especially in detail-oriented tasks

-White: Used well as an accent color to promote light, space and enhance, however, refrain from using this color on all of the walls, as it’s thought to hinder productivity, promoting feels of coldness and sterile.

-Red: This color may suit in the workplace as it’s bold, vibrant nature can help to energize employees, especially for jobs that entail physical work

-Green: creates a soothing atmosphere, likened to the effects of nature and can help to relieve anxiety in employees enabling them to focus with a clear head on the task in hand.

Beyond the psychology of color, you may wish to reassess the organization and storage of the office too, to reflect a tidy environment free from clutter and distractions which can hinder an employees productivity when working.

In a bid to increase productivity in the workplace, whether you are setting up a new business or updating an existing one, turning to technology and interior may be what you need to reduce lengthy business processes and energize your staff.

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