5 Ways To Break A Bad Habit

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A bad habit is any kind of activity that has a negative impact either on you or other people. It could be something that causes physical harm or something that damages your finances or something that’s socially unacceptable. Whether its smoking or picking your nose, the same rules apply when it comes to quitting. Here are just five ways to break you bad habit.

Make a note of when you’re doing it.

A bad habit may be something we do subconsciously. Many people bite their nails or swear without realizing. As soon as you realize yourself slipping into your bad habit, make a note of it including the time and place (you could get a friend or family member to help alert you of when you’re doing it). You may find that there are popular times and places when your bad habit takes over – by making a record of them, you’ll be more aware of these situations.

Remove triggers and temptations.

Triggers and temptations will make it harder to break you bad habit. For example, you’re going to find it hard to give up snacking if your kitchen cupboards are full of unhealthy snacks. Start removing any temptations so that it makes it harder to give into your cravings. You could even take extreme measures such as wearing gloves to stop yourself biting your nails or leaving your card at home and only taking cash when going on a night out to stop yourself overspending on drinks.

Replace your bad habit with a good habit.

Breaking certain bad habits may leave a frustrating sense of emptiness, especially if these bad habits were previously forms of stress release such as smoking or binge eating. By replacing these bad habits with healthier habits, you can fill this void. For example, when it comes to smoking, you could take up vaping instead. Rather than relying on nicotine when vaping, you could look for substitutes such as CBD oil – the CBD vape oil benefits make it a far better option than nicotine. As for binge eating, you could look into healthy snacks like nuts or trying chewing gum to give you the action of chewing.

Get support from your friends/family.

It’s worth telling your friends and family that you’re trying to kick your bad habit so that they can try and support you. This could be useful if your friends and family have the same bad habit as you – by telling them that you’re trying to give up, they may be less likely to tempt you into relapsing (for example, if you’re trying to cut down drinking, they may be less likely to invite you on a mad night out.)  

Set goals and rewards.

It’s worth recording your progress and setting goals with rewards. This will keep you motivated. There are apps that can help you to set these goals and rewards such as these dieting apps.

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