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If you would like to start your own blog check out my post How to Start a Money Making Blog. When I began blogging I always heard “you can make money blogging”.  It took a lot of searching and learning as I went to figure out how making money off a blog was possible. There are several ways to make money off of a blog, but my favorite is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is when a retailer pays you for sales you generate off of your blog. Here are the best affiliate marketing companies to make you money.
  • Awin
    • This company requires a $5 sign-up, but you get that payment back in full when you request your first publisher commission payment. Minimum payout is $20. This affiliate network has companies such as Fiverr, Hyatt, Expedia, etc. Join Awin by clicking here.
  • Brand-cycle
    • This company is free to join. I love this website because it is extremely easy to navigate. They have companies like Kiwi Crate, Disney, Pura Vida Bracelets, Sea World, etc. Join Brand-Cycle by clicking here.
  • ShareASale
    • Free to join they offer ShareASale exclusive companies. You can find the companies Reebox, Gymboree, and the NFL Store. Join ShareASale by clicking here.
  • Amazon Affiliates
    • Amazon affiliates is a giant affiliate network. So many individuals shop through Amazon already you might as well get paid for it. Sign up is free and approval time is fast. Join Amazon Affiliates by clicking here.

I think affiliate marketing is a great way to make an income from blogging. Turn your hobby into a job. Sign up for the companies above and watch your blogging business transform!

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