Don’t Let Pain In The Back Get You Down

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We can all find that there will be times in our lives where we are in pain. Commonly, back pain is something many of us can experience for a variety of reasons. It can often feel like we can’t do too much when we feel or suffer with this pain, but it doesn’t need to get the better of you. Here are some of the things to do if you are suddenly getting pain in your back.


Figure out the cause

The first thing you might need to consider doing is figuring out the cause of the back pain to begin with. You may have developed an injury, perhaps working out too hard, or it may be more medically related such as sciatica nerve pain which is caused by a disc in the spine or something else putting pressure on the sciatic nerve. Any back pain can be painful, but knowing what has caused it will help you get the right sort of treatment for it.


Heat can help

Heat is a common method of relieving back pain, and there are a variety of ways you can use it. A heat pack or even a hot water bottle on the area can give you instant relief. You can also pick up heat creams that act as an anti-inflammatory that you can add to the area to help ease any pain. A warm bath could also do the trick, but try and work out whether the position you lie in is comfortable for you.


Ice could do the trick

Ice can also do the trick, and it is something to try if the heat doesn’t seem to be helping ease the pain. The ice will freeze the area, and perhaps stop muscles from swelling or spamming, which could be the cause of the pain in the first place. A homemade ice pack or even a patchy you can buy from a pharmacy could do the trick here.


Take strong painkillers

If the pain is too overwhelming, then a good piece of advice would be to take some painkillers. It might be as simple as taking paracetamol, or you may want to visit your doctor or GP and see if they could prescribe you something stronger. Back pain can feel like it is taking over your life and stopping you in your tracks, so having some pain relief could help you handle it a little better.


Avoid sitting or standing for too long

Finally, logically you may want to rest, but sometimes sitting down for too long can cause you more harm than good. If rest is something that is needed, then a great tip would be to try and change position as often as possible. So that your back doesn’t seize up in one particular area, which could end up being more painful. The same can be said for standing as well. Try and mix things up a little and keep moving to help relieve any muscle strains.

Let’s hope some of these tips help you feel more relieved from back pain.

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