Avoiding Injury During a Workout

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We will soon be into January, meaning thousands of us will be making a New Years resolution to hit the gym, to start running, to get fitter. The problem is, that while many of us reach for any old pair of sneakers and get away with it, some of us end up with long-term injuries and will need to Reach Physical Therapy. So, if you are about to start a new workout regime, then these tips are for you!


Always hire a professional.

When it comes to putting together the best exercise routine for what you want to achieve, you are better getting in touch with a professional. They will be able to put together a detailed plan, that may even include an eating plan to help you maximize your results. Getting a few sessions with a personal trainer per week will give you better results than going it alone. Having that support will be invaluable when you are having a day where you just don’t want to be in the gym.


Know your body.

The temptation to push yourself very far out of your comfort zone, and into the danger zone is probably going to be really high. After all, you want results and fast. The chances are you know well in advance if you have a weak ankle or ‘twinges’ in your knee, so you’d do well to listen to your body and respond accordingly. Start out slowly, and build up to more physically demanding sessions. Aside from getting fitter, you’re going to need the core strength to be able to enjoy and improve on your initial workout regiment. Work with your weaknesses not against them.


The basics are essentials.

Warming-up properly and cooling down properly aren’t just time fillers for exercise classes. Warming up helps your muscles get pumped with blood and ready to ensure a little more stress. Increasing the blood flow gets the oxygen flowing around your body too. Perfect for starting your workout. As for cooling down, gives your body time to return to its pre-workout state slowly. Lowering your heart rate to normal, and ensuring that you won’t get dizzy from the sudden reduction of oxygen and blood to your brain.


You might not be 18 anymore.

That is not to say that people of all ages can’t be incredible athletes and may be much fitter than many younger people. However, certain things come with age. The skin is less elastic, your energy levels might not be what they once were, and joints can be tricky too. One of the most common issues being shoulders and knees can put paid to the idea of running 10 miles on a treadmill or benching serious weight. Much like working with your weaknesses, work with your age too. Be kind to yourself and slowly work up to your fitness and health goals and you are likely to manage to avoid any lasting damage. The most important thing? To enjoy the workout!

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