Is Anti-Aging Skin Care A Waste Of Money?

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Often, posts that start with a question will postpone a while, discussing a variety of influencing factors, and then reach a conclusion. However, when it comes to answering the question of whether anti-aging skin care is a waste of money, there’s little point in dancing around the conclusion: the answer is almost always yes.

This is, admittedly, rather surprising. If you go into any drug store, you will see thousands of different lotions and potions all promising eternal youth. However, the science doesn’t back up the claims of the vast majority of these products, and it is particularly worth noting that certain types of products are distinctly lacking in the efficacy department.


This isn’t welcome news

One of the reasons that anti-aging skin care is such a huge industry is because we all want to believe it works. It sounds so simple: you pay an amount of money for a product, apply that product, and your skin will remain ever-youthful. Unfortunately, there’s an apt old adage for this scenario: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The problem with skin care products is that they are topical. This means they can be highly effective for surface issues, such as texture and tone, but they are unsuited to tackle the problems causing by aging. Fine lines and wrinkles are not topical issues; if anything, they’re systemic, related to the fact that collagen production naturally depletes as we age. While some skin care products claim to ‘boost collagen’, these products are still only going to – quite literally – skim the surface of an underlying issue.

It’s worth noting that this topical/systemic issue is why you can spend a fortune on acne products and still experience hormonal breakouts; the topical treatment can’t resolve the underlying systemic cause.

So what is skin care useful for?

As mentioned above, skin care is beneficial for certain issues, such as improving the texture, tone, and overall radiance of your skin. Skin care products will undoubtedly make your skin look better, but very few products can actually make your skin look younger.

For the big aging concerns – wrinkles, crow’s feet, and fine lines – very few topical skin care products are able to make any noticeable difference, and those that tend to be at the very highest end of the price range. The high prices of effective treatments are particularly prohibitive when you consider that skin care products only work for as long as you are using them; if you stop, then your skin will go right back to how it was before.


How should your skin care regime change to reflect this information?

  • Change the way you look at skin care; look for benefits such as improved tone and texture rather than specific anti-aging improvements.

  • If you do want to tackle aging-related issues, then it’s usually best to opt to visit the likes of Tallman Dermatology for a suitable treatment that is capable of producing long-lasting results.


In conclusion

Apart from a few high-end products, anti-aging care can generally be considered to be a waste of money – especially given the fact that even the products that are effective will only work for as long as you use them. Instead, use skin care to improve the overall look of your skin rather than targeting age-related issues, and seek additional treatments if you are looking to find a resolution for any aging issues you experience.

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