An Art Tour In South Singapore Is Worth Flying For

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It’s one of the few city states that has been left untouched and shows the world why city states of old were also so successful. Left on it own to govern itself, the economy has boomed for decades and decades in Singapore. It’s a brilliant example of what can happen when a free trade economy and financial services are boosted by the ruling class and businesses. With just 5.6 million people, Singapore brings in a staggering $555 billion in gross national product. It punches so far above its weight in per capita economy that it almost makes for $100,000. However as you can expect in any modern nation, the culture is very complex and rich. The food is great, the skyline is legendary and the modern leisure around the city is on par with any of it’s Western counterparts. Wherever you do find such brilliantly modern cities, you will find some of the best artists in the world. It simply comes natural to large spaces with high density traffic, that some great works of art will be displayed in multiple galleries. In Singapore, you’ll find this is relevant in the south.

Staying in the valley

All of the art galleries in Singapore are ideally located in the south. Bunched together one after the other, you can book several days to see much of the works on display. You’ll be able to achieve this with more consistency if you were to be living close by. The River Valley is residential area that is just slightly east to the main clutter of galleries. Here you’ll find the most amount of properties up for rent and some of the best condominiums in the country. This is because as the name of the area suggests, you have a waterfront view and peering out toward the Singapore Strait. It’s a classic but also modern area with many amenities and many real estate agents that want the best residents parks and buildings they can offer.

Look at some apartments for rent in Singapore that are situated in River Valley and you’ll see that there are a variety of options. The average price is around 3,000 SGD which works out to around $2,225 a month. However you can get some brilliant apartments for below 1,000 SGD which works out to around $730 a month. If you’re travelling with friends then you can often find that the condos will allow a couple or perhaps two friends to share together and split the rent. If you are planning an extended stay this is something that you should definitely consider. Many modern condos are in residence halls, which have swimming pools, saunas, gyms and entertainment facilities.

A national celebration

Art galleries around the world are yearning to be more international in their approach to displays. However, there must always be at least one gallery that celebrates the national artists only. Here you’ll find a celebration of the culture, politics, economy, music, food, and theater to name a few. Some of the greatest artists in the country will have their paintings and installation pieces displayed in such galleries. Singapore is no different with the National Gallery Singapore that celebrates Singaporean and East Asian art. Better yet, it’s celebrated in restored municipal buildings that are now 90 years old. The neoclassical architecture of the building alone is something that is worth the trip down. However, there is much inside that you should feast your eyes upon.

Currently and in the future, the gallery is going to be showing abstract approaches to lights and space. With the aim of a minimalist theme, the objects are going to look at the emergence of the style in the 1950s. It came during the years that the USSR was in full swing and now in the modern world, it might be resurfacing in the styles of industrial and minimalist. You see these themes in homes, clothes and architecture that is being built all around the world. This project looks at how it’s affected Singapore and what other buildings in East Asia have taken from this influence and why. You are immersed into the shadows and various lights are shone into the room to help you understand the artistic approach to what space, objects and lights can appear like in a minimalist sphere.

Living yet still life

In Singapore you will find some of the best floral art in the region. This part of the world has certain trees and plants that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. At the LivingwithArt Singapore gallery, you will find many portraits of the landscape where there are rice fields, open flower parks, bridges over ponds and rivers as well as lotus flower plants. This is something that is related to buddhism which is the national religion. Pink flowers and many different native species are captured in their beauty in the form of still life paintings. Many artists are featured in this gallery and fortunately for the locals, many upcoming artists will display their works for free.

There aren’t just paintings, but real interiors that exist in the mindframe of a still life capture. Various styles are celebrated but most importantly is a take on what was the boom of the art world with regards to everyday life. The groovy 70s and the 80s played the biggest roles as they allowed normal homeowners to become owners of good or great works of art. Sunset and landscape paintings became widespread and this is shown in the museum. The interior design is also a mid-century modern take with pastel colors but also industrial styles being shown in their early infancy. For many, this art gallery is blue collar, allowing everyone of all backgrounds to understand how art has changed Singapore.

The south of Singapore has all the art galleries in the entire city-state. It’s best to book yourself a condo that is in this area such as in the River Valley if you plan on exploring all that is on offer. The rent is very reasonable considering the view, the amenities and the space you get. Whatever you do you must go down to the National Gallery where the timeline of East Asian art is explored as well as some new challenging themes.

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