America’s Hidden Gem States – Which One Will You Visit?

When we think about traveling around America, there are so many destinations that will pop into our heads. For instance, New York City, Las Vegas, and Hollywoods are some of the country’s main tourist destinations, and everyone will think about booking a trip to them at one point or another. But are they really the best destinations, just because they are so well known? Well, there are a lot of states that aren’t so popular with tourists, but they are very much hidden gems. There is so much to see and do in them, they make for fantastic travel destinations. And as they aren’t such a hit with other tourists, you won’t have to deal with all the usual crowds!

So, are you ready to check out some of America’s hidden gem states? Here are a few of the best.



Missouri is regularly forgotten about when tourists come to plan their trips, which is such a huge shame as there is a lot to do here. Once you land, it’s worth checking out the state’s fantastic food scene, especially its epic Thai restaurants and eateries that serve up some killer local specialties. Once you’ve had your fill, it’s worth checking out the city of St. Louis and heading straight to its fascinating zoo. After that, why not wander around the stunning Missouri Botanical Gardens, right in the middle of the city?



Of course, Arizona’s most famous visitor attraction firmly places it on the map – the Grand Canyon. However, that’s not the only reason why you should take a trip out to this desert state. It’s also worth driving out to Monument Valley. Even though the landscape can seem quite hostile at times, this desertscape is still undeniably very beautiful. Another great place to visit is Jerome. Once a bustling mining town, it’s now completely abandoned and can be quite eerie to explore.



Again, Montana is another state that doesn’t feature too highly on many tourist’s to-do lists, which is a real shame. After all, it’s the home of Glacier National Park, which is a fantastic region for hiking, mountain biking, and photography. If you visit in the middle of summer, you might want to camp out overnight to sleep under the beautiful stars. You might also want to visit Flathead Lake, which is the largest lake in Western America.



If you ever visit Portland in Oregon, it’s worth setting aside a bit of extra time to discover what the rest of the state has to offer. For instance, you could head out to the coast and visit the striking Haystack Rock. It’s also worth heading to Mount Hood. It doesn’t matter which season you visit this mountain, as there will be plenty of seasonal activities going on no matter the weather!

As you can see then, there are plenty of fantastic states that you can visit. And not all of them are the usual tourist traps. Which one do you fancy visiting on your next trip?

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