ABC Mouse Review.

So my kids have been using ABC Mouse for several months now. I was pretty skeptical at first because all of the reviews I had read were good ones. To me that sounded fishy, but I proceeded with the thirty day free trial anyways. At this point all of the homeschooling and supplemental teaching I had been given my children was free. Free resources, free printables, and free lesson plans. Free resources are a moms best friend (well at least this mom). I decided to splurge and do a free trial for ABC Mouse. I had seen it all over the place and it was time for me to put this system top the test. Get your free trial of ABC Mouse by clicking here

When I created the account I added my two boys because you are able to add up to three children. I let them pick out their character, their teacher, their bedroom, etc.

ABC Mouse is honestly much more complex than I initially thought.


My Learning Path

This is the main component of ABC Mouse. It is the path children “go on” to excel and learn. There are games, songs, coloring pages, short stories, etc. It changes as the children progress and there is some repetition because repetition is how kids learn. My children liked this part, but they would sometimes get burnt out after a few short lessons. When my kids would get bored or overwhelmed there were so many other neat things for them to do. This is what really surprised me about the learning program.


The Zoo/ Farm

There was a zoo and farm portion that has games, songs, coloring pages, music, puzzles, etc. The children can pick what they want to do and it is a nice break from the strict learning path.


My Aquarium

This was my oldest child’s favorite part. If he wasn’t doing the learning path he wanted to look at “his” fish. He loved watching them swim around and he fed them everyday.



Children receive tickets every time the complete a lesson on their learning path. Those tickets can then be spent on fish, clothing, room decor, and all kind of fun goodies. My oldest spent most of his tickets on fish, while my youngest used his on clothes or his hamster.



  • The kids loved it.

  • There is so much more than just “boring” learning.

  • Free trial to decide if it is right for your family.

  • Great tech support.

  • Tablet and Smart Phone apps to learn anywhere.


  • It isn’t free after the trial ($9.95 per month).

  • It can be challenging for a child to navigate until they learn the maps.


Overall we loved this program and we continued it after the free trial was over.

Rate: 8/10

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