8 Ways To Have More Fun At The Park

“Park days”, as I call them in my house are always a big hit. My kids are head over heels for the park and we try to do at least once every few weeks during the summer months. It became so routine this summer we started mixing it up to keep “park days” fresh and exciting. Here are 7 ways to keep your park days fresh. Free and exciting, what’s cooler than that?

Surprise Your Kids

Who doesn’t love a small element of surprise. Occasionally i’ll tell the kids we have to run errands and we will pull up to a park instead. They are so much more enthusiastic about it when it isn’t something they knew ahead of time.

Pack A Lunch

Just because you are going out for awhile doesn’t mean you have to waste money on eating out. Pack a fun lunch and bring it along. A picnic out in the fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for your kids and also your mood. Vitamin D goes a long way. You can even ask your kids to help pack the lunch. What would they like to eat today? The other day my kids wanted pizza with a few chocolate chips on it. Sounds terrible to me, but they ate it and they were amazed I let them. Giving them some freedom to make their own decisions from time to time can help them learn. Had they not liked it, it would have been a lesson learned. This can also make them feel included and helpful.

Switch It Up

My kids have a FAVORITE park. Like no other park can compare. Until, one day we just showed up at a completely different park across town. Now the kids ask about that “new” park we went to. It can be as simple as picking a new park or driving a town over to a park you guys have never been before. It really keeps the experience alive and happy.

Don’t Yell

Im that mom. You know the one that yells too much. It takes me some reminding to not yell, but it makes their time so much nicer. I remind my children of the basics before we even get out of the car. No pushing, no shoving, be nice, wait your turn, etc. That was they have a reminder and it cuts me having to get onto them for being impolite or not listening. If there is something I need to remind them while they are playing, I can just pull them aside and talk to them about it. That way im not yelling the whole time and im not disrupting other kids play time.

Get Down & Dirty

I used to be the mother on the sideline. I never really played on the equipment because one I was an adult, and two I was really overweight. After losing 40 pounds and seeing how much energy I have, I try to play with the kids. They love me being silly and playing with them, I get a workout, and we are making some killer memories. Next time you’re at the park, don’t be afraid to play with them and break a sweat.

Bring Bubbles

Bubbles are the bees knees. We could literally play with bubbles for hours. Bring some bubbles to the park and try to make the biggest bubble or see who can pop the most. Run around and have a blast.

Explore The Area

Especially if the park is one you’ve never been to before. Look for interesting rocks or beautiful flowers. Go on a nature scavenger hunt or learn about animal habitats.

Invite Friends

Adding more people to the park day can really make a difference. You could have a playday and get some energy out before nap or invite some friends and BBQ at your local park. You get some adult time to talk and the kids get to catch up with old friends. It’s a win-win.

What ways do you try to make simple moments (like going to the park) special?

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