4 Things We All Worry About

Life can be and should be fun, but sometimes our brains don’t always agree. Instead, they prefer to stew over problems and issues that may or may not come to pass. Some people are prone to worry more than others, but we all do it to varying degrees. And there are some things in life that seem to be universal topics for worry! I personally struggle with anxiety on a large scale. The good news is that since they’re so widespread, we’ve developed pretty efficient ways to deal with them. Below, we take a look at five things we all worry about…and (sometimes) offer useful advice to overcome them.

Getting Older

At some point in our lives, we begin to realize that, yup, we’re getting older. The only thing that would prevent it from happening is not an attractive proposition (it’s dying). If you’re beginning to freak out that you’re not going to be eternally young, then think about this: maybe youth is overrated anyway! It’s much more fun to be older. Besides, you’re wiser and certain of what you do and do not like rather than just flailing in the wind. If there are things you want to achieve by a certain age, then don’t worry about them; get to making them come true.


Financial Matters

Money makes the world go around, and also makes those worry thoughts in our mind go around, too. We either don’t have enough of it, or we’re trying to keep ahold of the cash that we do have. This is one of those things that you can control with the power of your mind, however. As long as you have enough to eat, shelter, and the basics of life taken care of, then you’re in a fortunate position. Don’t lose too much sleep over issues that really aren’t problems at all. Living minimally has caused our family a lot more positives (like more time together and money to spend on experiences rather than things) than negatives. 


Are Our Loved Ones OK?

We can take care of ourselves, so we tend not to worry too much about that…but our loved ones? Even though they can take care of themselves too…we just can’t help but worry. If we have children, we fear that that something bad will happen. If we have parents, we fear that someone will take advantage of them. We can’t always prevent these things from happening, but we can control how we respond. If our parents are treated badly, seek justice if need be;  find out how at AttorneyGuss.com. If our children are involved in something unpleasant, we can at least make sure they learn from the incident and move forward.

Am I Living My Best Life?

If there’s one problem that just about everyone suffers from, it’s the feeling that they’re not living up to all that they can be, or that they’re somehow failing to live up to…something. If you’re worried about this, change the way you live or stop worrying! If you find that you can’t stop, then focus on meditating or something else to get out of your head. When we realized our life wasn’t up to our standards, we changed our lives to minimal and frugal living and our standards. Literally, everyone feels like this from time to time…fix it and then let it go!

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